Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DOW Light Cavalry

Finally finished assembling and converting my 5 strong light cavalry unit! Pics to come very soon.

Took them out for a test-run vs dwarfs where they got a rear-charge on a unit and ended up killing 2 while the horses killed another - all at S3 --- forgot they come with spears as base so I could've potentially had another one, but oh well, they paid for themselves with that rear-charge :D

Well as promised , here is the first shot of the assembly process - lots of sprues and the bitz box! As you can see , the first member of the unit is assembled.

I'm converting these guys from various kits - the Empire Pistoliers kit forms the bulk of the mini , using the horse, legs, torso, and head of the pistoliers, the hands are from the free company box which just happened to have 5 pairs of these armored hands, and lastly their shields are from the Al Muktar's unit. I thought of making this unit when I came across the arms in the Free Company box. I wanted to make a cavalry unit that had their swords out instead of the typical spear/lance cavalry. In my army they're used as light cavalry which incidentally do come with spears so I'm gonna have to find some spare spears to glue onto them. I can't use them as fast cavalry if I give them shields (kind of a bogus rule but oh well) so when I'm not using them as light cavalry they'll pull double duty as heavy cavalry without barding so they'll still get the 16" charge which should catch a few ppl off guard :D I'll have more pics up of the full unit soon. Once I get them painted they'll have pics in my DOW army thread.

Finally a few updated pics of the whole unit assembled! Next step is to paint these guys up.

Some closeup shots of the unit champ


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