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News: Mantic Newsletter

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Hey all, time for the latest Mantic Games Newsletter. Looks like the Undead are rising in full force:

Mantic Games Newsletter
It's official: The Skeletons have risen!

The launch of our second range is causing quite a storm, and we've got some great Undead content coming up, with new releases galore for both the Undead and the Elves.
The Undead launch sees an update for the website, including new concept art and photographs. Already new desktop backgrounds and a Book of the Dead background section have gone on to the website, with plenty more coming soon.
As well as this, we've put up a couple of new deals to celebrate the launch of the Skeletons, giving you the opportunity to get the entire Undead range before anyone else, and with a few freebies too!
"Antonia the Dark's Vengeance Guard" is built around the sets released in February and contains one of the new metal heroes that will appear in the new “Death Kings Cabal” boxset, absolutely free. Also in the set are two Omens of Death Detachments and two Ghoul troop boxes. For more details, click here.

With 2 Warhosts and the 'Death Kings Cabal' hero boxset, "Helikaeth's Undead Legion" allows you to bulk out the core of your army, whilst also giving you the figures to lead it. Containing all of the plastic sets in the Undead range, it can be viewed by clicking here.
Finally, the "Mhorgoth's Undead Army" is up for advance order on our website now and contains the entire Undead range. A truly massive set containing 2 warhosts and 10 Revenant Knights, we're also putting in 5 Reapers and all 4 of the heroes from the Death Kings Cabal, absolutely free - that's over 110 figures and the entire Undead release in one set! Click here for more info. There's also an option to grab one with a Messenger Bag too, so make sure you click here for more details.
Check back to mantic blog regularly to see lots of photographs for all upcoming Undead miniatures., We will be posting up lots of concepts and work-in-progress shots, and will be updating regularly on the website and blog as we get the greens back from the sculptors and finished photos from the photographers!
Mantic Points
Keep collecting those Mantic points – our first reward program will be going live in February!
You will be able to send in your points to claim some amazing prizes, including unique specially sculpted models – see the site for more info as we get it!

News: GW Newsletter

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Hey all, time for the latest GW Newsletter. Games Day 2010 is coming up!

The Games Workshop North American Newsletter January 2010
In this issue: North American News and Events

North American News and Events

Below is a selection of events and activities across North America. Go to the Community & Events section of our website to find more events in your area.

Games Day 2010 Tickets Now on Sale! Games Day 2010 Tickets Now on Sale! The North American Games Day will take place on August 21st 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland and tickets are available online for $25US/$28CA. Each year's show features a multitude of participation games that you can dive into and take part in; from quick-play skirmishes to full-on grand battles.
February Hobby Center Events February Hobby Center EventsAt all North American Hobby Centers, February events include a Beastmen painting competition, conversion contests, a Planetstrike game, and the Hobby Center Warhammer Tournament on February 27th! Also check out the upcoming Birthday Celebrations in February with a variety of limited edition items available only at these Birthday events such as water bottles, key chains, pens, and posters. Find out all the details online!
February Hobby Center Grand Openings February Hobby Center Grand OpeningsReceive 10% off a purchase of $50 or more! Make sure you get your 10% off coupon from the February issue of White Dwarf and celebrate the opening of your Hobby Center at the Grand Opening event! This coupon is exclusive to the Grand Opening Hobby Centers in February ONLY so make sure to get down to those stores that weekend! Check the website to see which stores are celebrating this month.
2010-2011 Tournament Circuit 2010-2011 Tournament CircuitThe Tournament Circuit has kicked off and the competition is intense to earn an early spot for the Vegas finals. Here are the events for next few months: Gottacon in Victoria, British Columbia (Feb 5-7), Broadside Bash in LA, CA (Feb 12-14), Ghengis Con in Denver, CO (Feb 14), A Gathering in the Desert in Phoenix, AZ (Feb 19-21), St. Valentines Day Massacre in Media, PA (Feb 27-28),The Lonewolf in Dallas, TX (Mar 12-14), Conquest Armageddon in Las Vegas , NV (Mar 19-21), The Warmasters Fantasy Challenge in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON (Mar 20-21), and Adepticon in Chicago, IL (Mar 26-28).
Independent Retailers Independent Retailers There are currently over more than 1,000 Independent Retailers across the country that carry Games Workshop products and that number is increasing every month. Find out what events are going on and which new stores are now carrying Games Workshop product. You can always use the Store Finder online to locate a store near you.
The Academy Program The Academy ProgramWant to learn more about assembling your models, painting, or building an army? Join the Games Workshop Academy Program! Learn Figure Assembly, Priming, and Safety, Painting and Basing, Gaming and Basic Tactics, and How to Build an Army. This also makes the perfect gift for your friend who is new to the hobby or any of your loved ones such as your niece, nephew, father, or wife!
Games Workshop North American Sales Careers Games Workshop North American Sales CareersWe are currently looking for enthusiastic people to fill the roles of Sales Management, Hobby Specialists and Store Managers. Check our CAREER SITE for details of our current open positions in North America.

Monday, January 25, 2010

News: Mantic Newsletter - Elf Cavalry!

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Hi all, here is the latest Mantic newsletter, which sees the Elf cavalry being released!

Mantic Games Newsletter
Here come the cavalry!

Mantic is on a drive to get as many photographs of painted figures onto our website as possible and this week we've posted pictures of painted Stormwind Cavalry models from Conflict in Colour on our blog. More pictures of Mantic Miniatures will be making their way onto our website soon, so make sure you check back to the website and blog regularly. You wouldn't want to miss anything!

Undead launch!

Finely detailed, versatile and fun kits, the Skeletons have been released! The pictures below, provided by Forest Ramsey, show off some of the different poses and options available from the Skeleton command and troop sprues, and we're impressed with the dynamism that he's brought to his regiment. Certainly the magical energy flowing through these guys is running rampant!

Pre-order offers ending!

With the Undead launch this week, the Skeleton pre-order offers are now finishing - this means you only have until Sunday evening to get hold of your Skeleton Regiment Deal! Click here to find out more!
Website Update

Our website will be down Friday evening to make way for a new update to our systems. This update is unavoidable but necessary, and will make Mantic's website even faster and more secure than it already is!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gold and Glory Issue 3!

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Hey all, well it's been a long time coming but here is Issue 3 of Gold and Glory, the Dogs of War ezine. Click the picture for the download. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

News: Foregeworld Newsletter #230

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Hi all, check out what arrived in the inbox today - the latest FW newsletter and WOW do the Guard get a badass new vehicle! (and no, it's not Leman Russ variant #259082)

Hi There,
First up a Happy New Year from Forge World! And an exiting year it's shaping up to be, with some fantastic new models, books and other surprises in store from us for the coming months. We have a brand new Imperial Guard vehicle released for our Elysian range this newsletter as well as some good news about shipping rates, some more updates.

Alan Bligh

New Shipping Offer
Thanks to the continued efforts of our shipping and dispatch department, we can now offer a change to our shipping rates, which should save you money on larger purchases from us.
Starting immediately, all orders with a total product value of £150 and over will automatically qualify for free standard rate shipping anywhere in the world.
As previously, all orders with a total product value of £250 or more will automatically qualify for free Express rate shipping anywhere in the world.
Orders with a product value of less that £150 will be charged our standard rates.

Tauros Venator Rapid Strike Vehicle
New for the Elysians is the Tauros Venator, a six-wheeled rapid strike and scout vehicle. Light, fast and heavily armed, these all terrain attack vehicles are used for rapid reconnaissance and savage lightning raids in support of the drop troop landings. Designed by Will Hayes, with Elysian crewmen by Simon Egan, this full resin model comes with the choice to mount either a twin-linked multi-laser or twin-linked lascannon as well as optional hunter-killer missiles. This is a great model and something genuinely new for the Imperial Guard and Elysian range, as you can see Here.

The Tauros Venator is available now to pre-order Here for dispatch the week commencing the 25th of January.

Rules for the Tauros, as well as other new Imperial Guard vehicles for the Elysians (including a new Valkyrie variant) can be found in our forthcoming book Imperial Armour Volume 8, and we'll have some experimental rules for you to download soon.

New Catalogue
We are in the final stages of preparation for our brand new 2010 Catalogue, (which means that orders shipping out at the moment will not include a free catalogue as we've run out of the old one). If you would like one of our 2010 catalogues, all you need to do is send us your name and full contact details and we will send you out one for free as soon as we get them into stock over the next few weeks. You can either email us your details at or give us a ring on 0115 916 8177.

Our packed schedule of events for 2010 begins this weekend at the Frenzy event in Amsterdam Saturday 23rd of January. Forge World will be in attendance with a sales stand and previews of some of our forthcoming models.

You can find more details of this event here.

Monday, January 18, 2010

News: GW Newsletter - War of the Rings Reinforcements

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Hey all, another GW newsletter dropped, this time it's all about War of the Rings:

Games Workshop
The Games Workshop Newsletter 18.12.2010
In this issue: Advance Order: Plastic Winged Nazgûl, Rohan and Isengard Reinforcements

Advance Order: Winged Nazgûl

The Ringwraiths, or Nazgûl, were once Kings of Men. Their rings granted endless life but gradually enslaved the Kings to Sauron’s will. All that remains of them now is their twisted spirits. The Nine are the most deadly of all Sauron’s captains.

Winged Nazgûl Winged Nazgûl This all new plastic box set can build either a Ringwraith mounted on a Fell Beast, or the Witch-king himself mounted on his armoured Fell Beast and includes a sculpted scenic base. Add the Winged Nazgûl to your Mordor Legions and watch the Free peoples cower in fear.
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Advance Order: Rohan Reinforcements

Rohan is a kingdom born of battle. It was originally a great part of Gondor’s western domains, but was gifted to the Rohirrim in recognition of aid given during a time of great peril. These are dark times for the Rohirrim, but they shall not pass quietly into shadow.

Éomer, Marshal of the Riddermark Éomer, Marshal of the Riddermark This new version of Éomer makes an ideal leader for an Éored of Riders of Rohan, Rohan Royal Knights, Rohan Outriders or Sons of Eorl formation. Have this Epic Warrior of Edoras lead your Rohirrim to battle.
Grimbold GrimboldGrimbold’s Helmingas are a Legendary Formation of Warriors of Rohan who benefit from +1 courage. Add Grimbold to one of your Rohan formations today. Grimbold’s Helmingas Command Grimbold’s Helmingas Command This set includes a Rohan Banner Bearer. Add the Hornblower to any of your Rohan formations to add +1 to it’s move value.
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Advance Order: Isengard Reinforcements

Isengard lies upon Rohan’s eastern border. This is the stronghold of Saruman, wizard and loremaster, he who once led the Free Peoples in their opposition of Sauron. Now Isengard is empty, it’s denizens loosed upon naighbouring lands. Saruman’s day of destiny is fast approaching.

Saruman (Orthanc) Saruman (Orthanc) Our first ever sculpt of Saruman the White mounted on horse. Add this mobile, magic wielding Epic Hero to your formation of Warg Riders or Morgul Knights. Thrydan Wolfsbane Thrydan WolfsbaneNo Isengard force should be without Thrydan Wolfsbane, a Dunlending Epic Hero who will stand fast no matter how desperate the situation.

Dogs of War: Scratchbuilt Maneaters Complete Unit

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Hey all, here they are, the complete unit of scratchbuilt Maneaters, reading to tear apart just about anything they face on the battlefield. Next step will be to paint these guys up. Stay tuned. Comments welcome!

Dogs of War: Scratchbuilt Maneater 3

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Hey all, here is the last of the three maneaters for my Dogs of War. This guy has served in various armies and has also seen combat versus Bretonnians. His hat emblem is actually one of the tiny Terminator shoulder icons. This maneater is also loaded with 3 pistols! Comments welcome!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dogs of War: Scratchbuilt Maneaters 2

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Hey all, time for the next Maneater. I ran out of green stuff and decided to give grey stuff a try. Wow, what a difference! It was so much easier to work with. On to the Maneater, he is similar to the first one although you'll notice his shoulder armor are Bretonnian knight shields. Since the Brets do not hire mercenaries that means he likely took them off of some poor knights that got in his way while fighting against the Brets. His guns are from the Empire Pistoliers box set. Comments welcome!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

News: GW's future is America(?)

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Hey all, just came across a pretty interesting article regarding GW and its future plans. Check out the full article at the London Evening Standard. According to the article, GW sees a lot of future potential in America and has plans to send Tom Kirby (executive chairman) to Baltimore (the US HQ) for a few years to help focus on sales. GW has posted increased profits lately and they are raising their profit expectations. We will have to wait and see what effect Kirby's presence in the US will have for the 'hobby'. Comments and discussion welcome!

News: Mantic Newsletter - Undead rising

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Hey all, another Newsletter from Mantic just hit the ol inbox. More excellent minis are on the way from Mantic! The buzz surrounding Mantic is pretty good right now. I'd also like to point out the section on prices being lowered. (Yes you heard correctly!) Mantic (unlike a certain other company) is actually lowering prices! Read on for details. It also looks like the Undead are rising in full force now:

Mantic Games Newsletter
And the Dead shall keep rising, and they shall be unstoppable, and the world will tremble!

Today sees the second wave of plastic miniatures from Mantic's fear causing Undead range set free from their Master's wicked claws. Well, less dramatically, we mean they are available for pre-order ;).

Four brand new box sets are now available for pre-order, including the Balefire Catapult and Battery, the Omens of Death Detachment and the eagerly anticipated and utterly grotesque Ghoul models.

Capable of flinging a torrent of magic imbued skulls at the enemy, the Balefire Catapult is an unholy machine of destruction that inspires terror and hatred in equal measure. Available as either a single box set or as a battery, the Balefire Catapult comes with a complete skeletal crew and gives the Undead the ability to reap serious carnage on the battlefield. To see these new sets, you can find the Balefire Catapult here and the Balefire Battery here.

The Catapult is also included in the new Omens of Death detachment, combining the Skeleton Regiment set with this arcane warmachine, all in one deep (48mm) carry case box – a great start, or addition, to any Skeleton force. The Omens of Death Detachment is available now from the webstore and can be found here.

And last, but by no means least, the Ghouls. Simply put, we believe them to be some of the best plastic fantasy figures ever produced! Devolved, cannibalistic creatures, the Ghoul box set offers a choice of heads and weapons, and interchangeable torsos and legs. These parts give a massive choice of poses and modelling options. (They are also disgusting and depraved enough that some have said they might use them as Zombies, or other disturbing creatures of the night!). They come in boxes of 10, and have an offer on a 3 pack multi-buy.
You can find more details on the Ghoul Troop by clicking here, and the new Ghoul Troop Deal here. Please go and have a look at our new offerings and put some comments up on the blog.

Finally, the Skeleton Regiments start shipping next week, so the pre-order deals finish Sunday night, and look out for them in the post, or your local gaming store soon. All these fantastic new box sets are released in February, and available for pre-order from the webstore. Isn't the New Year a perfect time to start collecting an army of slavering, twisted abominations, and massed ranks of terrifying Skeletal infantry, supported by devastating and fear-inducing Warmachines, all in your quest for evil domination? Bwah-ha-ha!

Calling Gamers everywhere: Prayers finally answered: Miniature prices go down!!!!

You have been asking and praying for it all your life, and finally it has happened – a toy soldier company has LOWERED ITS PRICES!

In a recent interview, the Managing Director said ‘I think this is a World first: for 25 years miniature prices have always defied gravity and gone up and up and up!’

Well, now Mantic (already world renowned for providing a superb product at an unbelievably reasonable price) has gone stark raving mad – and lowered its already great prices across the Eurozone. The cost of a number of box sets in Europe have been reduced, including the core regiment set and the Warhosts – this applies to the Undead pre-orders and any future orders for the Elves.

Seriously, the strength of the Euro has allowed to reduce prices, and pass on the benefits to you. We had a number of comments that pointed out the discrepancy, and once we looked into it, we wanted to act. Please visit the web site to see the new Euro prices in action, and thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Mantic is bursting out!
Although most of our massive sack of correspondence comes in on email these days, we thought you might like to know that we have out–grown our current premises, so we are moving to our new and much nicer venue next Monday – all so we can fit more models and wargames tables in! The new address is up on the site in the contact us section, so please snail mail us there, and if you are ever in Nottingham and want to visit, give us a call and you can swing by!

News: GW Newsletter - Tyranids!

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Hey all, here is the latest GW newsletter featuring a whole lot of Tyranid releases:

The Games Workshop Newsletter 15.12.2010
In this issue: New Tyranids; Also available to order

Tyranids out now!

Out today is the all-new Codex: Tyranids and a range of new metal and plastic Tyranid miniatures. The most expansive Tyranid codex to date, Robin Cruddace’s book explores the armies, weaponry and background of the Great Devourer like never before. Take a closer look at Codex: Tyranids and all the new Tyranid miniatures below.

Codex: Tyranids Codex: Tyranids The Tyranids are the ultimate predators. Engineered at a cellular level for combat, they seek to consume the galaxy. Read all about the history of the Tyranids and learn about their frightful bio-weaponry in the new Codex: Tyranids.
Ravener Brood Ravener BroodRaveners are for the first time available as a multi-part plastic kit that includes a host of weapon and assembly options. Now's the time to overwhelm your foe with a brood of these fast moving warrior beasts.
Trygon/Mawloc Trygon/MawlocThese all-new Tyranid monsters tower above the Hive Tyrant and Carnifex, and are some of the largest models we've ever produced. Add these lethal creatures and their potent special rules to your Tyranid force.
Gargoyle Brood Gargoyle Brood Now available as multi-part plastic kit, it's never been easier to add large broods of Gargoyles to your Tyranid army. Pyrovore Pyrovore Add the all-new Pyrovore to your Tyranid army and watch as its acidic mucous eats through enemy infantry.
Venomthrope Venomthrope Venomthropes are large, bloated creatures whose toxin sacs allow them to wound any foe on a 2+. Hive Guard Hive GuardHive Guard are a brand-new unit type that can each unleash two Strength 8 shots a turn and who don't need line-of-sight to their target.
Termagant Brood Termagant Brood Termagants form the bulk of a Tyranid swarm and large units of these are the hallmark of any Tyranid force. Hormagaunt Brood Hormagaunt Brood Hormagaunts are lightning fast assault troops and are now only half the points they were in the previous Codex.
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Also available to order

As well as all of the new Tyranid products released today, there are a host of other great Tyranid sets that are also available to order. The Tyranid Battleforce is a great-value set that provides a saving over buying the contents individually, while the Carnifex is a powerful and seminal Tyranid miniature. The Biomorphs and Monstrous Arms Bitz Packs, and the Red Terror and Death Leaper sets, are available to order only products - meaning they're only available through or by following the links below.

Tyranid Battleforce Tyranid Battleforce The Tyranid Battleforce contains the core of a Tyranid army and is an ideal set to begin assembling a force around or to add some extra units to an existing one. Carnifex CarnifexCarnifexes are walking battle-tanks. Covered in thick armour and armed with powerful cannons and scything talons they are an essential part of any Tyranid force.
Tyranid Biomorphs Tyranid Biomorphs This Bitz Pack is designed to allow you to model your Tyranid broods with various biomorphs and weapon options. Tyranid Monstrous Arms Tyranid Monstrous ArmsEnsure your Tyranid creatures are armed with the most effective weaponry, with this indispensable frame that any Tyranid collector should have in their Bitz box.
The Red Terror The Red TerrorThis classic Tyranid model makes a great alternative Ravener model. You could even try using its components to personalise a host of your larger Tyranid models. Death Leaper Death LeaperDeath Leaper was created as the ultimate predator and thanks to a host of new rules, its mere presence is enough to through your enemy's force into disarray.
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