Tuesday, April 27, 2010

40K: Battle Report from Home (Guard vs. CSM)

Hello all, Fiberglass Demon here with another installment. I know I promised a step by step on my friends Kahrn the Betrayer model and the paintjob I am doing for it but I have gotten wrapped up in building my own brand new Imperial Guard army. These tiny little guys are a ton of fun to build and also take quite a bit of time.

In the meantime I have played two games with the loyal followers of our beloved Emperor and so far am perfect with them. What I am doing today will be a short report on the waxing my Guard gave to the foul followers of chaos that belong to the same friend for whom I am painting the Kahrn. We agreed to play a small 1000 point game at my home on the kitchen table and with the help of our local gaming store and our good friend Chris Lacross (you may know him as slick from this very website) we had a well putogether battlefield of green felt and beautiful terrain.

I palyed a very standard infantry based list the played a three man heavybolter team and an infantry platoon with lascannons in two squads. I also played a veterans squad with a lascannon, five rattlings and a leman russ battle tank. Command and platoon HQ's were both tricked out a little with power weapons and plasma pistols and a full squad of ten stormtroopers with a grenade launcher and flamer.

My poor misguided apponent feilded three squards of chaos marines in rhino's, and a demon prince (someone please tell him his demon prince needs wings and it is not over the top in the cheese department). He aslo played a squad of three marine bikers with two meltaguns.

I really thought I was in for a beating as historically I have been a terrible player as it pertains to rolling dice. This can be the bane of even the best tactical players at any given time. Dice will flat betray you to the end just like a certain ring did to Isildur in LOTR. With all this in mind we began our game.

We rolled the sieze the objective game with a full five objectives and the dawn of war deployment. I won the roll for firat turn and elected to go first and see if I could get lucky with some in the dark shots in order to slow his advance into my gun lines. As it turns out (even after my second game) my dice seem to like the guard and I was able to see all three of his rhino's on turn one with my many lascannons and imobilised one, destroyed one and crew stunned the third. The detroyed rhino also killed two passengers. My rattlings managed one wound on the demon prince as well.

His first turn included disembarking from the imobile rhino and the destroyed rhino moving those squads forward on foot with no shooting in the changing light of the early morning. He elected to stay inside the stunned rhino and hope for a less impactful shooting phase for me on the next turn. The demon prince made a move and a run in the shooting phase, and his bikers elected to make a 24 inch move to be in position to wreak havock the next turn.

As the sun began to rise on the second turn my guns were aimed and ready to do some damage. My second turn was much the same as the first with the leman russ battlecannon wiping out the remaining marines from the already shrunken squad. Iturned the stormtroopers attentionto the bikers and killed one of them. The rattlings put a second wound on the demon prince and my infantry platoons missed entirely and destroyed a second rhino respectfully. At the end of my turn two I was in solid control of three of the objectives and feeling pretty good about the whole situation.

Dan's turn two was decidedly better than his turn one. He walked forward with the squad left in the middle of the board do to my heavybolter team not being able to see on turn one and not being able to hit the broad side of a barn on turn two and quikly cut them down to one base in the shooting phase. His remaining two bikers killed two stormtroopers with bolter and melta fire, while the demon prince slogged along ever so slowly and rolled a mear two on his run dice to again be a nonfactor a second turn in a row. (wings Dan, wings) The remaing rhino held its ground near the objective farthest away from my lines to prtect what was his only asset at the time. At this point we have the beginning of the firat assault phase in this game and I cringe a little on the inside at the thought of my guard in hand to hand fights against his fowl space marines. As it turns out I only needed to be half as scared as I was. His marine squad killed the last of the heavybolter teams and advanced toward one of my infantry platoons. The bikers on the other hand were not nearly as fortunate, they killed one of my stormtroopers and were promptly wiped from the board as they avenged there fallen comrade in a flurry of chainsword slashes. Dans turn ended and again I was feeling pretty good about the status of my possition with three objectives firmly in my control.

My turn three saw the end of the marine squad that charged the heavybolter team the turn before as well as the felling of the demon prince by the rattlings (love those guys) And the succesion of the game to superior firepower by my apponent who was at a loss for dealing with so many guns and my hot dice (wierd for me I know). All in all I am very pleased with the way the army is shaping up and look forward to some larger games in the near future. Thursday this week I am playing 1500 points with our resident pro, Carlos Fernandez and am looking forward to the challenge of playing one of the best players in our area. Grey Knights are a tough game and one made tougher when being played by him.

Untill next time, keep the dice roling and share our hobby with someone every chance you get.

Your friend: The Fiberglass Demon
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