Monday, January 7, 2008

DOW Dwarf Unit - WIP

Working on my 20 Dwarves for the DOW. The picture quality sucks, I'm gonna have to work on getting better lighting. All of the Dwarves have been basecoated and most have some of the basic colors. I finished one test model with a great weapon and am working on getting the unit champion up to that level too. More pics to come as I get more finished.
Front of the unit. Champion is almost done. The test model is hiding in the back rank.

Test model. Turned out pretty good. Eventually I'll add some highlights but for now its all good.

Shot of the unit champ. Most of the unit will get blond beards - he'll be sporting a gray beard as per his veteran status.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Maneaters are completely finished, and the rest of the DOW are basecoated.

Next project are the cannons and the dwarf unit.

The DOW took on the Ogres again in a recent battle. I decided to switch things up a bit and try out Asarnil the Dragonlord. While he adds a ton of offense the points I had to cut out to use him trimmed my magic defense and shooting. I had to downgrade my lvl2 mage to lvl1 and 2 dispel scrolls. My mage lord had no items. Using Asarnil also takes up a rare slot so I was down to only 1 cannon as well. Every other unit was down to minimum numbers. WIthout posting a full battle report, lets just say the ogres quit on turn 3.

The first 1v1 victory for the hard fighting mercenaries of the Dragon Legion!
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