Friday, December 31, 2010

40K News: New Blood Angels Pics

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Hello all, Slick here. BoLS has new pic of the Stormraven and the new plastic Furioso/GK dread:

Stormraven Pic


The Stormraven is looking better in this pic and you can get a much better impression of the overall model size and shape from this view. This is going to be a great kit. Hopefully it will lend itself to kit-bashing a T-hawk out of 2 or so if GW never gets around to making a plastic one.

The Dreadnaught is looking fantastic! The force weapon is looking pretty beefy! Lots and lots of bits on this sprue!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

News: GW Newsletter - Skaven Advance Order

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Hello all, Slick here. GW's latest newsletter features the new Skaven Advance Order! Fans of the Horned Rat rejoice! There are some pretty wicked minis here!

The Games Workshop Newsletter 29.12.2010
In this issue: Advance Order Skaven Now

New Skaven Miniatures Available To Advance Order

Skaven are warped and mutated creatures, living beneath the cities of the Old World they plot vile and nefarious schemes, watching and waiting until the time is right to rise upwards in a verminous tide. Today, a host of new creatures have risen up from the Under-Empire.

Available to advance order are 2 new plastic box sets, 4 new blister packs, Skaven Magic Cards as well as the must-have Uniforms & Heraldry of the Skaven book. Head over to to see the range in full.

Uncharted Seas: Orcs WIP

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Hello all, Slick here. Work has been progressing on the new Orc fleet for Uncharted Seas. Small details still need to be worked on. Comments welcome!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Imperial Guard: Gorgon Project Part 2

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Hello all, Slick here. Today I have a couple of WIP pics from the Gorgon project. The extra sponsons have been added and the front room has been finished as well. Various trimming and prep work is underway. Comments welcome!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Uncharted Seas: Litko Token Set

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Hello all, Slick here. For fellow Uncharted Seas players, take a look at this great set of tokens and markers produced by Litko Aerosystems:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Uncharted Seas: Orc Cruiser WIP

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Hello all, Slick here. Today I have a wip pic of an Orc cruiser for Uncharted Seas. The sail and deck still need some work. Overall, the hull is about where I want it to be.

Imperial Guard: Gorgon Project

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Hello all, Slick here. Here is a preview pic of the next conversion project I'm working on. I acquired a Baneblade in trade and decided to see if it would be possible to scratch build a decent Gorgon out of it. After some initial planning, I think I've got the design ideas where they need to be. I ordered a couple of quad-heavy stubber Sabre platforms from FW (my Gorgon is going to have a bit more firepower). The only part I haven't figured out yet is making the giant ramp. Not sure what to use for parts. Ideas are welcome. I'll be posting wip pics as work progresses. Comments welcome!

Friday, December 17, 2010

News: Uncharted Seas - Upcoming Releases

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Hello all, Slick here. There are a couple of new ships up for preview on the Spartan Games website! Finally the Shroud Mages are getting some love with the Illuminator Frigate. The Ralgard also will see the release of a pretty intimidating heavy cruiser. I will definitely be adding a few units of these new frigates for my Shroud Mages.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

News: Forgeworld Newsletter #258

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Holy Crap! The latest Forgeworld newsletter is out and we now have the full pic of the Malcador Infernus! That is one beastly looking flame weapon. I can't wait to see the rules for this one! What do you guys think?


In this week’s Newsletter we bring you the final piece of our festive jigsaw puzzle, an update on the Badab designers’ interview and a reminder that there is still time to place an order for Christmas.

Stephen Green

Forge World Christmas Jigsaw Part 3
After much speculation and excitement, we can at last reveal the full glory of the Malcador Infernus which you will be able to add to your Imperial ranks in the New Year!

Land Raider Achilles

Friday, December 10, 2010

News: Dystopian Wars is out!

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Slick here again. Spartan Games have now released Dystopian Wars! Having seen the minis in person now, I can say they look every bit as awesome as they do in the pics on their site. The rules seem to be between Uncharted Seas and Firestorm Armada with regard to complexity. Head on over to the Spartan Games website and check out Dystopian Wars.

News: Forgeworld Newsletter #257

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Hello all, Slick here. Forgeworld has released another newsletter and revealed a bit more about the mystery tank. Now we can see that it is on a similar chasis to the valdor tank. Just what type of gun it has remains to be seen. Perhaps it is a poison gas spraying tank of some sort using the hellstorm template! Your guesses are as good as mine.   

"Hi There,
            In this week’s Newsletter we have an exciting re-release of a perennial favourite from the Forge World range, as well as news of our Festive opening hours and some dates for your diary – the first of our 2011 show dates.

Ead Brown

Forge World Christmas Shipping Deadlines
With December well and truly upon us, the Forge World despatch warehouse is working around the clock to ensure that your Christmas orders are shipped as quickly as possible. As always, it’s best to order as early as possible to ensure that you’ll get exactly what you want and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us using the details below.
We can no longer guarantee that orders placed with Standard delivery outside the UK will arrive in time for Christmas, but our last guaranteed shipping date for Express Delivery outside the UK will be December 15th.
For our customers inside the UK, the last guaranteed shipping date for Standard Delivery will be December 15th and the last guaranteed shipping date for Express Delivery will be December 20th.
If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of your Forge World Christmas Shopping then please contact us either by e-mail at or by telephone on 0115 916 8177 within the UK, 011 44 115 916 8177 from the US and Canada or 00 44 115 916 8177 from much of Europe. Forge World’s Customer Service team is a font of knowledge and advice if you aren’t sure about what would make the perfect Forge World gift, and we’re available 6 days a week all the way up to Christmas so please contact us to check stock availability and shipping times.
Weathertop Available to Order Now
Land Raider AchillesBy popular demand we’ve brought back our hugely popular Lord of the Rings terrain model The Ruined Watchtower of Amon Sûl at Weathertop for sale this Christmas in limited quantities. This fantastic model measures over 400mm across, making a perfect centrepiece for any The Lord of The Rings battlefield, or indeed a fantastically detailed objective for The High Ground scenario and a suitably imposing representation of the Seat of Ancient Power Fortune in games of The War of The Ring.
 It is faithfully detailed as it was sculpted by Simon Egan, using photos and plans supplied by New Line Cinema* from the original film set, and has in fact been used by them since as reference for its other licensees.
This beautifully detailed terrain piece will only be available while stocks last, so don’t hesitate to place your order now! The Ruined Watchtower of Amon Sûl is available to order now for immediate despatch.
Forge World Christmas Jigsaw Part 2
To whet your appetite, we have braved great danger and hazard to steal this exclusive sneak peek of our 2011 release schedule – last week’s preview has sparked a wave of speculation, so keep your eyes peeled for more sections in future Newsletters."

Forge World Preview

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

News: Forgeworld Newsletter #256

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Hello all, Slick here. Forgeworld's latest newsletter brings us a teaser pic of an upcoming 2011 model. This looks to be a trailer and perhaps another Russ variant of some sort. Could this be some sort of Krieg-style poison gas tank? What do you guys think?

"Hi There,
With December upon us, in this week’s newsletter we bring you the first part of our traditional Christmas Jigsaw, as well as a reminder about our Christmas shipping deadlines and current pre-order items.

Ead Brown

Forge World Christmas Jigsaw Part 1
To whet your appetite, we have braved great danger to steal this exclusive sneak peek from our 2011 release schedule. Keep your eyes peeled for more sections in future Newsletters."

Forge World Preview

News: Mantic Newsletter - Khaos Dwarves

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Hello all, Slick here. Mantic's latest newsletter drops a major bomb! Mantic will be releasing Khaos Dwarves as an army! So far they look great. If GW is going to keep ignoring Chaos Dwarves and Dogs of War for Fantasy, then Mantic will likely make quite a few fans with the release of these guys. Comments welcome!
Mantic Games Newsletter
Khaos Dwarves sighted.....

There has been a lot of excitement about the sneak peaks of our work in progress Khaos Dwarfs that Beasts of War have shown. If you missed the preview you can watch it here.

We at Mantic can confirm that Khaos Dwarfs are the next army to be released (With the Orcs hot on thier heels....) If you want to know more, check out the Mantic blog.

Kings of War Availabe to Download

It has been long anticipated, well now you can download the rules off our website, all you have to do is go here!

This download is completely FREE as we promised it would be. All of us here at Mantic hope you enjoy the rules and play some great games.

So what are you waiting for? Download your FREE copy now!

Mantic Point System Updated

Mantic has grown a lot over the last last year, and the last few months in particular, we have seen so many great releases and fantastic miniatures. However while we continue to grow, the principles we set in place at the beginning are here to stay.

We here at Mantic have always felt we should reward our loyal customers – and what better way than to exchange miniatures and other special items for your support!
Limited Edition Elf General
now only 25 points!

We have created a new section on our website, which you can see here. These pages list all of the great rewards that you can redeem, and with this updated system in place it is now easier than ever before for us to keep the scheme updated!

Currently we have two reward levels:
So, for all of our loyal customers out there, start sending in your Mantic Points, and claim the rewards you all deserve! And, for all you budding Mantic enthusiasts who are wondering just how you can ever collect 25 Mantic Points, you’ll find whole bundles of the things in our Army Deals and Special Offers!

Shipping in time for Christmas!

The countdown to Christmas has begun. For UK mainland orders, there are only 17 days left where we can reliably make sure your order is sent out in time for Christmas. Make sure you order now to avoid the rush.

For orders abroad please make sure you order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

4TK Open Day

On December 4th, Chis, our resident events organiser:

Is coming to Essex this weekend and it's bringing the brand new Kings of War game with it!

Swing by the 4TK store for all the latest gossip and news, pick up that box of miniatures you've openly been craving for or take part in our showstopper demo scenario "Run to the Hills" and learn how to play the Kings of War game by taking command of one of the studio armies!

For all the details of this event and the other upcoming events please check out the Mantic E

Monday, December 6, 2010

Blood Angels: Furioso Librarian Dreadnaught

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Hello all, Slick here. Today I have my finished Librarian Furioso Dreadnaught. I had an extra Furioso sitting around. Rather than add just another regular dreadnaught, I decided to try and paint up a Librarian dread after having a lot of success with them on the battlefield. It'll be interesting to see what sort of extra bits come with the plastic Furioso in February. I may have to revisit this one and add some more detail. Comments welcome!

Blood Angels: Death Company on foot

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Hello all, Slick here. Today I have a shot of an old-school Space Marine I found in the bitz box. I love the classic Space Marine range and in order to build up my footslogging Death Company, I decided to make him the first to get painted up. Eventually I will be able to field full 30-man units of DC on foot and with jump packs. This guy looks ready to chop up some heretics or xenos. Comments welcome!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

News: Incoming! Blood Angels

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Hello all, Slick here. GW's latest newsletter is all about my favorite army - Blood Angels! Here we have a mention of upcoming releases for February, 2011. This will be the Stormraven and the plastic Furioso. Love it or hate it, the Stormraven is going to be a nice piece of kit in general and it will be nice to actually have the model instead of using proxies or any of the dozens of different kitbashes out there.

The Games Workshop Newsletter 21.11.2010
In this issue: Descent of Angels...

Incoming! Blood Angels

The Blood Angels are one of the most popular Space Marine Chapters. They fought at the Emperor's side during the earliest days of the Imperium as one of the original Legions. Ten thousand years later, and one of the longest-running Chapters, they are still shaped by the deeds of their Primarch Sanguinius. Few Space Marine Chapters are as prolific and loyal in their defence of the Imperium as the Blood Angels, though a flaw in their gene seed makes them susceptible to the Black Rage and the Red Thirst - all-consuming curses that turn them savage and blood-thirsty in battle...

In February 2011, the Blood Angels will receive more reinforcements, including never-before-seen models - visit the website tomorrow for more information from the Studio in their Incoming! article. If you want to start massing your own Angelic Host, or are looking to bolster your troops, then here are some essential items to prepare for the new arrivals in February.

Codex: Blood Angels Codex: Blood Angels

Codex: Blood Angels contains all the rules you need to field a Blood Angels army, and provides excellent information on the Chapter's iconic and in-depth background, artwork, as well as featuring an 'Eavy Metal showcase.

Death Company Death Company

Members of the Death Company are unparalleled short-ranged combatants, and are impervious to wounds that may kill another Space Marine. This box set includes backpacks and jump packs featuring Blood Angels iconography, giving you plenty of extras to use on your other Blood Angels miniatures.

Sanguinary Guard Sanguinary Guard

The Sanguinary Guard are Fearless Veteran Blood Angels, elites who uphold the values of their Primarch like no other. Armed with the Descent of Angels special rule they can drop right into the heart of the enemy force. Complete with winged jump packs, death masks and a variety of power weapons they make a stunning centrepiece for any Blood Angels force.

Baal Predator Baal Predator

The Baal Predator is a specialised variant of the Predator battle tank, with a potent combination of close-support weaponry, including the options of turret-mounted twin-linked assault cannon and turret-mounted flamestorm cannon. Being a Fast Vehicle and able to Scout makes this tank a formidable opponent. Two of them are a serious threat. Three will create a nightmare.

The Blood Angels Omnibus The Blood Angels Omnibus

Immerse yourself in this gripping Blood Angels series, written by New York Times bestselling author James Swallow. This omnibus of the novels Deus Encarmine and Deus Sanguinius tells epic stories of heroism, corruption and betrayal at the very heart of the Chapter, and provides excellent inspiration for developing your army.

Imperial Guard: Vendetta Squad

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Hello all, Slick here. Today I have my finished Vendettas to share. These two complete my 'air force' for the Guard (for now) :)

The conversion kits were simple, easy to assemble and look the part. These two have already accounted for scores of dead Chaos marine vehicles :)

Eventually, I will need to put some detail work on the bases, for now I decided to just leave them plain.

The next addition for air-power to my Guard army will likely be a Thunderbolt for Apocalypse games.

Comments welcome!

Monday, November 22, 2010

News: Forgeworld Newsletter #255

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Hello all, Slick here. The latest Forgeworld newsletter is out and the Land Raider Achilles which everyone saw preview pics of from GD UK is now available for pre-order! This is one badass Land Raider variant, featuring a Thunderfire Cannon in the hull! The MKIV Ironclad Dreadnaught is also available for pre-order. Read on below:

"Hi There,

This week’s Newsletter brings you a fresh wave of Space Marine kits to pre-order, along with two more A4 Transfer Sheets packed with vehicle and infantry decals and a reminder of our Christmas shipping deadlines and opening times.

Thanks, Ead Brown

Land Raider Achilles Available to Pre-Order Now
Land Raider AchillesThe first of our new wave of Space Marine releases is the devastatingly powerful Land Raider Achilles. This resin and plastic hybrid kit, designed by Stuart Williamson, boasts sponson-mounted twin Multi-Meltas and a hull-mounted Thunderfire Cannon. A line-breaker beyond compare, the Land Raider Achilles’ firepower is capable of forcing a breach in even the strongest defences at the tip of an armoured assault.

Originating in the closing years of the Great Crusade, the Achilles is perhaps the rarest and most venerable Land Raider variant still used on the battlefields of the 41st Millenium. It was originally created by the Imperial Fists Legion in response to a dire xenos threat now lost to the mists of history, and fittingly rare outside the noble Imperial Fists, their successors and the Ordo Reductor of the Adeptus Mechanus. The Achilles is perhaps most vaunted for its legendary durability - each stage of the hull’s construction incorporates layer upon layer of ancient electromagnetic algorithms and ferromantic incantations. This arcane lore is etched into the very structure of the Land Raider Achilles at a molecular level, and is one the most secret and ancient rites of the Cult Mechanicus.

The Land Raider Achilles is a complete resin and plastic kit, and is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing December 6th, and is included in the Space Marine Siege Assault Vanguard army list in the forthcoming Imperial Armour Volume 10: The Badab War Part II. As an exclusive extra, we have prised the rules for the Achilles from Alan Bligh’s grasp and they are available to download for free here.

Forge World MkIV Ironclad Dreadnought and Arms Available to Pre-Order Now
Mk IV Ironclad DreadnoughtThe latest addition to our range of MkIV Dreadnoughts is the siege specialist MkIV Ironclad Dreadnought, MkIV Hurricane Bolter, MkIV Seismic Hammer and MkIV Chainfist. These full resin kits, designed by Phil Stutcinskas, afford Space Marine players the complete range of Codex options for the Ironclad Dreadnought. Heavily augmented and outfitted for siege assault and ship boarding actions, the Ironclad Dreadnought sacrifices versatility and long-range firepower for even greater armoured defence and dedicated siege weaponry such as the Seismic Hammer and Chainfist, designed to pulverise the toughest bastion or armoured bulkhead into twisted wreckage. The fearsome short-ranged firepower of a Hurricane Bolter is often used to augment the Ironclad’s firepower, allowing the ancient hero within the sarcophagus to saturate breached defences with a deadly storm of bolter shells. The MkIV Ironclad Dreadnought is a full resin kit that comes complete with Hunter Killer Missiles and Frag Assault Launchers, furthering the Ironclad’s potent weaponry, as well as additional armour plates to fit the resin MkIV Hurricane Bolter, MkIV Seismic Hammer and MkIV Chainfist and our other MkIV Dreadnought arms. Each of these detailed kits is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing December 6th.

New Space Marine Transfer Sheets Available to Pre-Order Now
dark Angels TransfersForge World’s Paul Rudge has been hard at work of late, busily working away on two additions to our range of transfer sheets – an A4 Dark Angels transfer sheet and an A4 Space Marine Markings decal sheet.

Each sheet is crammed with a huge array of squad badges suitable for shoulder pads, jump packs and vehicles. There are also unit designations and unique details such as Dark Angel maxims and names, along with standard and variant vehicle designations for all types of Space Marine squad insignia.

Each of the new transfer sheets is also available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing December 6th."

Imperial Guard: Wyvern Armored Car

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Hello all, Slick here. Here are some pics of the finished armored car. I've decided to call it a Wyvern. I will put up a datasheet soon with some trial rules. Comments welcome!

News: GW Newsletter

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Hello all, Slick here. GW's latest newsletter features several of the upcoming Dark Eldar releases as well as two fantastic new terrain pieces for Fantasy. The two towers for Fantasy are pretty nice pieces, especially the large and modular tower. There are definitely plenty of conversion opportunities available here.

The Games Workshop Newsletter 19.11.2010
In this issue: New Dark Eldar models & Warhammer scenery are released this weekend.

This weekend, the second wave of new Dark Eldar miniatures is unleashed, and here are the essential new releases available to buy now. Don't forget to visit to see the range in full, or head down to your local Hobby Centre to join in with this weekend's Dark Eldar activities.

Ravager Ravager

The Ravager box set contains 157-piecies including darklances, disintegrator cannons, and a selection of aethersail configurations and prow designs. This vehicle is excellent for ambushing and destroying enemy tanks in a single, devastating pass.

Hellions Hellions

Hellions are savage airborne terrors. Within each box set are five multi-part plastic figures, featuring three variations of skyboard, ten different heads, five different bodies, and all of the weapon options as listed in Codex: Dark Eldar.

Urien Rakarth Urien Rakarth

The Master Haemonculus, Urien Rakarth, has long since mastered the dark arts of the flesh. His ichor gauntlet wounds enemies on a 3+, inflicting instant death - he is exactly what you need in order to dispose of enemy HQ.

Mandrakes Mandrakes

Mandrakes exist both in reality and a cursed otherworld. The new box set includes five finely-detailed metal miniatures with three variations. Because of their unsurpassed stealth, Mandrakes are ideal for ambushing your enemy units.

New Warhammer Scenery

This weekend, two new pieces of scenery adorn the battlefields of Warhammer. These epic structures will make impressive centrepieces, and can be used with a variety of rules and scenarios that will enhance your games of Warhammer.

Witchfate Tor, Tower of Sorcery Witchfate Tor, Tower of Sorcery

Sculpted by Dave Andrews, Witchfate Tor, Tower of Sorcery stands four floors high. With rooms in which to place your models, ledges, battlements, a secret door, it is a remarkably detailed building. Add this resplendent structure to your gaming table.

Dreadstone Blight Dreadstone Blight

Dreadstone Blight is a ruined tower, which acts as a ruined structure for your battlefield. The base features the Wheel of Magic, while the walls and floors can slot into numerous decayed configurations. Order Dreadstone Blight today.

News: GW Newsletter - Monster Figure Case etc

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Hello all, Slick here. GW is releasing a Monster Figure Case (see below). In my opinion this is really too little too late from GW. It is a hard shell case like their other cases. However, it is only big enough to hold a single Stompa or similar sized figure. Battle Foam is just simply a better solution for transporting your large models. For GW's price you could easily have 2-3 trays of Battle Foam. Let's say you're attending a big Apocalypse game and you want to bring your 5 Stompas. Are you really going to buy a separate (expensive) case for all of them and likely have to take multiple trips from the car to the store just to carry them in?

The Games Workshop Newsletter 12.11.2010
In this issue: Monster models? What you need is...

This week we have been looking at all things big on Big battles, big tables and, best of all, big models. If you happen to have some big models, or are looking to add some to your collection this year, then we also have the perfect new release... the Monster Figure Case.

Monster Figure Case Monster Figure Case

Launching this weekend, the Monster Figure Case is the deepest carry case we have ever made. It is ideal for transporting your largest models, such as Ork Stompas or lots of smaller ones like Space Marine Drop Pods. It's the perfect gift for every hobbyist, so buy this today or even add it to your Gift List.

Apocalypse Week Apocalypse Week

All this week on What's New Today we've been looking at Apocalyptic games of Warhammer 40,000. We spoke to Jervis Johnson, Phil Kelly, the team at Warhammer World, showed some of the biggest armies and we ended by showing an epic 20,000 point battle. Don't miss out on what has been a truly Apocalyptic few days - check out the full week here.

Win a Virtual Gift Voucher Win a Virtual Gift Voucher

To be in with a chance of winning a Virtual Gift Voucher, all you have to do is send your Gift List to your friends and family, and then send it to In January we will pick 12 gift lists at random and send the owner a Virtual Gift Voucher worth £50 /US $90 / Aus $150 (or the equivalent value of a Space Marine Battleforce in your local currency).Click here for full details.

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