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News: Mantic Newsletter - Kings of War

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Hello all, Slick here. The latest Mantic newsletter is out and there is some exciting news! Mantic will be releasing their version of a Fantasy starter set in October called Mhorgoth's Revenge which contains fairly large starter armies for their Dwarfs and Undead as well as a starter ruleset written by none other than Alessio Cavatore (of former GW fame!). It looks like the upcoming months will be very exciting, between the release of Warhammer 8th, and the introduction of a ruleset from Mantic, fantasy miniature gaming is in for some good times!

Mantic Games Newsletter
Unleashing the Beasts of War - important news as Mantic Weekend begins!

This weekend on the internet is huge as Beasts of War launch Mantic Kings of War Weekend. Starting today, there will be a number of exclusive videos from Ronnie as well as others, but even more exciting keep watching as we have a very special announcement to make.... why not check out this exclusive on Beasts of War here for starters?

This video follows in nicely in our next peice of news. At the heart of Mantic lies our core plastic sets and we our proud to be able to supply complete armies in plastic. Two years of hard work behind the scenes has made it possible to launch our most exciting set yet - the Mhorgoth's Revenge Fantasy Battleset. This contains two complete armies of Dwarfs and Undead respectively, including the new Ironwatch and Zombie sets and will be released in October. Not only this but this compliation set of Dwarfs and Undead has also provided the platform for which to include a set of rules written by the world famous Alessio Cavatore to start gaming with.

This battleset is only one of several new pre-orders available on the website in celebration of this weekend, including the new Berserkers and Dwarf Kings War Counsel. All of the new pre-orders are available to look at in detail here.

Keep checking back to Beasts of War this weekend - who knows what you might miss?

Zombies now available to pre-order!

In addition to the new Fantasy Battleset and by no means any less important, the climax of Zombie Week on the blog means you will be able to order a shambling horde of your very own as you will be able to pre-order both the Zombies Undead Regiment which contains 30 of these outstanding figures, as well as the Zombie Undead Horde - 50 mindblowing miniatures. Released in late September, you can click here for more details.

The new Zombies are not only available in the Fantasy Battleset but also the new Undead Army Set - a brand new army in a box that will be hitting shelves in September. With a Dwarf Army Set also coming in October, both of these sets will contain the Kings of War ruleset to use with the 110 plastic miniatures that fills the Undead Army Set
. This absolutely brimming box-set will begin shipping in late September and is now available to pre-order.

Win 80 White Dwarfs

Don't forget we are still running our white Dwarf army prize draw consisting of 40 Ironclads and 40 Ironwatch, each in cool, white plastic.

All you have to do to enter is go to this page here on the website and sign-up using the contact form on the page. This will subscribe you to both the Mantic Games and the Beasts of War newsletter and enters you into the draw.

So what are you waiting for – enter the prize draw here now!


In addition, Mantic are attending GenCon in Indianapolis on the 5-8th August, one of the biggest events we have ever participated in. Ronnie will be there in person, and with him he is bringing along the fantastic new models for our Undead, as well as the very exciting Dwarf range. He is there to show-off Mantic and answer all your questions on our upcoming special announcement. If you can please come and see us at stand no. 1415

Our next event is Britcon on the 14-15th August, where again we will be showcasing our product range.

Into the Maelstrom...

The Events Diary shows all the very latest Events that Mantic Games will be attending.

Mantic will be attending Maelstrom's Eye of the Storm 1st Anniversary on the 31st July. Speaking of which...

Freebie Weekend!

To celebrate the Beasts of War weekend and the event at Maelstrom we are offering for this weekend only some freebies exclusively on our webstore and at Maelstrom itself. If you:

Spend £25/€35/$50 or more you will receive a free pair of Mantic clippers.

Spend £50/€75/$100 or more you will receive a free Mantic bag.

Spend £75/€100/$135 or more you will receive a free Mantic bag and a pair of clippers.

This offer is running from Friday 30th until midnight (GMT) Monday 2nd August - Don't miss out!

News: Forgeworld Newsletter #243

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Hello all, Slick here. The latest Forgeworld Newsletter is out and FW have dropped the bomb on us with the A W E S O M E Space Marine Caestus Assault Ram! This is an absolutely amazing model for the Space Marines! The trial rules for the Caestus are already available and it looks like a really fun addition to SM armies. It would also work as a viable Stormraven for Blood Angels with some minor conversions! The price for the Caestus isn't too bad either! As if the release of the Caestus weren't awesome enough, Forgeworld area also releasing MKIII Iron Armor conversion kits along with weapon packs that are styled like the ones used on the earliest Space Marine minis! Enough talking on my part, read the newsletter and check out these upcoming releases!

"Hi There,
At last your wait is over! As you know, we've been whetting your appetite over the past few weeks with some exclusive sneak peeks and in this Newsletter we can proudly announce the first wave of our fantastic new Space Marine releases, with an array of full resin kits that are now available to pre-order. We've also got an FAQ on our recent Death Korps army list update and Experimental rules for you to download. Read on to find out more!

Ead Brown

Space Marine Caestus Assault Ram

Caestus Assault RamThe speartip of our Space Marine releases is the intimidating Caestus Assault Ram. This hulking full resin kit, designed by Daren Parrwood, is armed with a devastating Magna-Melta, designed to carve through the hull of a mighty star ship, and wing-mounted Firefury missile batteries, capable of unleashing a storm of deadly micro-warheads in the seconds after an assault has begun. As you can see here, the Caestus is an intimidating behemoth of a miniature - measuring 9.5" long with a wingspan of 10" - that dwarfs even the might of a Land Raider with its ceramite-armoured bulk.

Assault Rams are void attack craft, intended to participate in close-range space boarding actions, that can also act as drop-assault vessels for direct orbital attack. There are many patterns of Assault Ram in use across the Imperium, but among the Space Marine Chapters, the multi-role Caestus is the most commonplace. Smaller than either the Thunderhawk Gunship or the Shark-class Boarding Torpedo, the patterns' chief advantage is its speed and phenomenal durability which make it a highly resilient assault craft, even in the most fire-swept landing zones. Compact and heavily armoured, the Caestus Assault Ram is designed to survive direct collision with an enemy, leaving only ruin in its wake.

The Caestus Assault Ram is available to pre-order for despatch in the week commencing August 23rd, and as an added bonus, experimental rules for this devastating attack craft are available to download here, fresh from the keyboard of Imperial Armour writer Alan Bligh.

Space Marine Infantry Upgrade Sets Available to Pre-Order Now:

MkIII 'Iron' Armour Set
Mk III Iron ArmourThe first of our new Space Marine armour sets is this fantastic MkIII Armour Set sculpted by Will Hayes. The full resin kit provides enough parts to build 5 Space Marines in MkIII 'Iron' Armour, including two different sets of legs, shoulder pads, arms, torsos and helmets. You can see these here, along with a gallery of photos showing examples of how these brilliant parts can be combined with plastic Space Marine kits.

The MkIII 'Iron' Armour is a variant of the previous 'Crusade' pattern adapted with additional armour plates to the front, as well as a reinforced helmet faceplate and strengthened vambraces for the savage firefights of fleet-based boarding actions. This extra armour turns an already resilient Marine into an almost unstoppable juggernaut within the cramped confines of a ship. This detailed kit can be pre-ordered for despatch in the week commencing August 23rd.

Umbra Pattern Bolter Pack
Umbra Pattern BoltersThe Umbra Pattern Bolter Pack is the first of a range of Weapon Packs that we will be announcing over the next few weeks. Like power armour, the sacred Bolter of the Astartes has undergone various design changes over the millennia, and the Umbra pattern first saw use during the latter years of the Great Crusade, produced in huge numbers to ensure that the Astartes were constantly supplied with effective firepower.

Click here to view a gallery of close-up shots of the parts and accessories supplied in this pack; veteran hobbyists will see shades of the venerable RTB01 box in the design of these fantastic accessories. The Umbra Bolter Pack, designed by Will Hayes, contains 10 detailed weapons and optional bayonets, and can be pre-ordered here for despatch in the week commencing August 23rd.

Space Marine Special Weapons Pack
The second of our new weapon sets is this fantastic Space Marine Special Weapons Pack, sculpted by Phil Stutcinskas. Each Sergeant is able to freely select his squads' armament for a given mission, and the Chapter Armoury contains many weapons that are ancient and sacred relics - patterns of weapons long since replaced by other designs that are nevertheless maintained diligently. This Weapon Pack contains 2 Flamers, 2 Meltaguns, and 2 Missile Launchers complete with arms, reminiscent of the venerable Rogue Trader-era miniatures fondly remembered by veteran hobbyists, and perfect for adding variety to your squads.

These weapons are compatible with the full range of Space Marine units available from Forge World including our new MkIII 'Iron' Armour. The set is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week beginning August 23rd.

Additional Web Content Now Available
Since the launch of the new Forge World website we have received many queries about what had happened to much of our additional content - well worry no more, because many days of painstaking work has come to fruition. As you may have noticed, the image galleries in our Online Store are gradually being fleshed out, and the Downloads section has returned, complete with several updated documents for many older Imperial Armour books.

Following last weeks' update to the Death Korps Army List, we received lots of questions from you and so we have compiled this free FAQ to help answer these. Thanks for all your queries and please keep them coming!
We have also prepared a parallel update to the Imperial Armour Volume 5 Renegades and Heretics army list that you can find here, again it's a completely free download for you to enjoy."

Monday, July 26, 2010

Apocalypse: Assault on Darius IX Mission One Pics

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Hello all, Slick here. Today we have some pics from our first mission in the Assault on Darius IX Apocalypse Campaign!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

News: GW Newsletter

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Hello all, Slick here. The latest GW newsletter is out and there is a FAQ available for the new 8th edition rulebook already! Seems like GW is really moving on FAQs for once. Also, there are several pictures available of the upcoming starter set, The Island of Blood! All in all, some excellent news! Even if you don't play High Elves or Skaven, having the small format rulebook will be a necessity as no one wants to lug the big hardcover rulebook around at a tournament.

The Games Workshop Newsletter 23.07.2010
In this issue: Attention Warhammer Players!

Warhammer Rulebook Official Update

The new edition of Warhammer has brought with it exciting new tactical challenges and introduced different ways of gaming with your army. The way every unit works on the battlefield has changed, special rules work differently, and several units have gained new abilities. It's no surprise then that the new edition has generated a fair few questions. To answer them, we set the Studio's Rulesheads to work on the FAQs for every Warhammer army and tasked them with producing an official update for the Warhammer rulebook.

Download the Warhammer Rulebook Official Update. Download the Warhammer Rulebook Official Update.

The official update for the Warhammer rulebook provides answers for frequently asked questions and clarifies areas of the rules. Additionally, the FAQ for every Warhammer army has been updated. Each update is split into three sections: Errata, Amendments, and Frequently Asked Questions. The Errata corrects any mistakes in the book, the Amendments bring the book up to date with the latest version of the rules and the Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ) section answers commonly asked questions about the rules.

The Island of Blood Sighted! The Island of Blood Sighted!

The mists around the mysterious Island of Blood are clearing and the new Warhammer boxed game is almost upon us. Make sure you're among the first to uncover the secrets of The Island of Blood: pop over to today's 'What's New Today' post, and join us as we open up a copy and pore through the contents.

News: Mantic Newsletter

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Hello all, Slick here. The latest newsletter from Mantic Games is out and there is a contest running to win a fairly massive Dwarf army. It seems like Mantic enjoys making puns as the army is a white dwarf army (white plastic).

Mantic Games Newsletter
Do you want to win a rare and unique white dwarf army?

Well now you can!

We have teamed up with the guys at Beasts of War to offer you guys the chance to win one of five Mantic Dwarf armies cast in white plastic.

Specially created by our toolmakers, each of the five white Dwarf armies consists of 40 Ironclads and 40 Ironwatch, each in cool, white plastic.

The other four armies will be given away in other promotions and competitions and there is nothing stopping you from entering all of them, increasing your chances of winning this never-to-be-seen-again prize.

All you have to do to enter is to go to this page here on the website and sign-up using the contact form on the page. This will subscribe you both to the Mantic Games and Beasts of War newsletter and enters you into the draw.

So what are you waiting for – enter the prize draw now!

Now shipping!

The second batch of Dwarfs have now been released from their mountain stronghold and all pre-orders are now shipping.

Newly released today are the Ironwatch Troop and Regiments, Dwarfs equipped with deadly long range weaponry. To took a look at the sprue, click here.

In addition, the Dwarf Ironguard (the Dwarf set formerly known as Ironbeards) and the Dwarf Paint Set are now shipping as well, meaning you can add some veteran models to your Ironclad ranks and some colour to your figures with The Army Painter Warpaints.

This week on the blog, we not only showed you the Ironwatch sprue and some plastic figures but we also previewed the War King's Counsel and the Dwarf Berserker models, all of which are available alongside August's pre-orders in Grafe's Steel Legion.


Don't forget guys that in addition to the new Hordes deals that for the entirety of July we are also offering 10% off all orders placed before the 2nd August with the HORDE001 code, meaning you can get anything from those large plastic sets such as Toben's Army of Darkness to a smaller troop bundle such as the Ghoul Troop Deal at 10% off the original RRP.

Remember, use the HORDE001 code at the checkout – ends 2nd August.


The Events Diary has been updated to include the very latest Events that Mantic Games will be attending.

Mantic will be attending Maelstrom's Eye of the Storm 1st Anniversary on the 31st July.

In addition, Mantic has also been confirmed at Britcon on the 14-15th August and GenCon in Indianapolis on the 5-8th August. Scouser Ronnie will be venturing once more across the Atlantic, the braindead in tow (by that we mean Undead, not any staff members. That'd just be rude), and will be there to show-off Mantic and to answer all your questions on our upcoming special announcement. Speaking of which...

Beasts of War

Coming July 31st - 1st August

Don't miss this weekend, keep your eyes on the sky (computer screens?).

On the Blog

Zombie Week starts Monday 26th July – Brainzzzz

Stock Update

If it's not one it's the other and we're currently experiencing low levels of Elf Kings Court, Mhorgoth the Faceless and Revenant Knights. Please bear with us whilst we get more of these gorgeous figures in, we're working very hard on replenishing our stock and meeting all of our orders. Thank you for your patience.

News: Spartan Games Newsletter

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Hello all, Slick here. There are several new releases for Uncharted Seas coming from Spartan Games, including terrain! Check out a portion of the newsletter below. The harbor walls and tower look awesome and will definitely add a bit of flavor to Uncharted Seas.

We have created FOUR packs of highly detailed models that you can use to make your Uncharted Seas gaming table look even better:

War TowerSSC01


In this blister you will find 19 highly detailed models in scale with the Uncharted Seas ship and monsters models. This set of walls and towers will allow you to start your Harbour Scenery, building a stunning backdrop for your ship models. The pieces are modular and designed to fit neatly together, and as more packs come out so this set will grow, allowing you to build a massive Harbour and Port for your gaming table. The massive Sea Gates are wide enough (120mm wide!) to let ANY model in our range through. The walls are 30mm high. All pieces made from resin.



Thirty highly detailed models in scale with the Uncharted Seas models. This set of wharf and jetty pieces, including a Harbour Master's Tower, will allow you to expand your Harbour Scenery, building a stunning backdrop for your ship models. The pieces are fully compatible with SSC01, as are all of the pieces in the SSC range of products. All pieces made from resin.



If you are looking for the perfect fortification to defend your newly built harbour, or to simply sit in the middle of a gaming table harassing passing fleets, then look no farther than our Battle Keep. A two-part highly detailed model in scale with the Uncharted Seas models. This model is generic and for use with any race. The Battle Keep is 66mm tall. All pieces made from resin.



This piece of scenery is designed for the gamer who really doesn't know which piece of siege equipment they want to sink their opponent's models with! Five part highly detailed model in scale with the Uncharted Seas models. This model is generic and for use with any race. The drop in section provides different weapon options and the blank allows you to easily add your own custom weapons if you wish. The War Tower stands 50mm high and measures 51mm across. All pieces made from resin.

Head off to to check out images of this scenery. They will be in our online store in the next few days, ready to start shipping to mail order customers from 25th August, and will also be in store by that date."

News: Forgeworld Newsflash

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Hello all, Slick here. The recent newsflash from Forgeworld brings us an update to the Dath Korps of Krieg and another sneak peek for the secret marine release. Nothing major here. Hopefully, the 'secret project' turns out to be something awesome. Any speculations?

Hi There,

In this Newsflash we are pleased to announce that the hotly anticipated update for the Death Korps of Krieg is available to download now! We also have another sneak peek of our Top Secret Space Marine Project …

Ead Brown

Death Korps of Krieg Update Available Now
Death Korps of KriegImperial Armour author Warwick Kinrade has recently put the finishing touches to an updated version of the Death Korps army list printed in Imperial Armour Volume 5: The Siege of Vraks Part 1 as a free download that you can find here. The document addresses many of the most common questions that we have received from gamers across the world – thanks for all your feedback!

The Death Korps rules in all three parts of the Siege of Vraks Trilogy are fully updated, and we have added several options to army list entries including the Death Rider Command Squad, allowing our show only Commissar to be used. The document also includes the Leman Russ variants available in Codex: Imperial Guard. Note that the Armoured Company list published in Imperial Armour Volume 7 is largely unaffected, but any Infantry squad entries should be replaced by those found in the update.

Remember that you can always contact the Forge World Customer Service Team for any rules queries using the telephone numbers below or by e-mailing

Exclusive Sneak Peek

Marine Sneak PeakLast week’s MkV ‘Heresy’ pattern power armour helmet has clearly piqued many peoples’ interest. We have been inundated with e-mails and telephone calls, all seeking more details about this Top Secret project – it’s still under lock and key, but our agents have managed to obtain another exclusive work-in-progress glimpse of some of the many forthcoming Space Marine releases that our talented Studio team are working on. Many boffins died to bring us this information, but despite their sacrifice all we can say for now is that it is well and truly set in the 41st Millenium…

Forge World Events News
Forge World will be attending Games Day Baltimore on August 21st. The Reservation period has now closed for this exciting event but if you have any specific requests or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to offer any assistance we can.
Forge World will also be attending Games Day UK on September 26th – keep an eye on forthcoming newsletters for more information about our stands at this event as we have plenty up our sleeves!

News: GW Newsletter - Advance Order Daemons

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Hello all, Slick here. The latest GW newsletter brings us the advance order for the new plastic demons! While I'm not a Daemons player, I must say that the new plastics are all pretty good, especially the Demon Prince. What do the Chaos players out there think?

The Games Workshop Newsletter 21.07.2010
In this issue: Daemonic Incursion!

Advance Order: Daemons

The daemonic hosts of the Changer of Ways and the Blood God are further bolstered this month by the arrival of Kairos Fateweaver and the Bloodcrushers of Khorne. Available to advance order from today are the new plastic Bloodcrushers and for the first time ever, a Kairos Fateweaver miniature. Remember every Daemon miniature can be assembled for use in either Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000 and you'll find all of the new Daemon kits in either advance order section.

Visit the Warhammer Advance Order section.
Visit the Warhammer Advance Order section.
Advance order the new Daemons here.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dogs of War: Rhinox Thunderlord

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Hello all, Slick here. It's taken forever, but the Rhinox Thunderlord is finally finished! This was one helluva model to paint and there are so many details. Since this was going to be a centerpiece for my Dogs of War I figured his base should be fairly special too so I decided on adding a little stream down the middle and hit that with water effects. There are still a few details that need to be tweaked (eyes etc) but he is definitely 90% complete. Sadly, thanks to the new FAQs, Dogs of War now have to do without Maneaters and other units from Ogre Kingdoms (Thanks GW! Not!). Comments welcome!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Apocalypse: Assault on Darius IX Mission 1 Objectives

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Hello all, Slick here. Today I would like to share the special objectives used in the first mission of our Apocalypse campaign, the Assault on Dariux IX! Comments welcome!

Ammunition Store

· The ammunition store may be used once per turn in the shooting phase.

· After rolling To Hit, a single unit occupying the Ammunition Store may re-roll failed To Hit rolls.

· The Ammunition Store counts as 1 objective.

Sacred Ground

· Grants the Fearless special rule to any Imperial unit within 6” of the Sacred Ground.

· The Sacred Ground counts as 1 objective.

Command Center – The Shield of Darius (this is an ancient two-story bastion)

· The command center grants the Counter-Attack to all Imperial units within 6”.

· Imperial units within 6” may re-roll failed leadership tests as long as the command center is occupied by an Imperial unit.

· The Shield of Darius also counts as a Fortified Stronghold (ignores the first wrecked or explodes result that is inflicted upon it)

· The command center counts as a vital objective and the side controlling it counts as controlling 2 objectives.

Spaceport Landing Pad – Space Port Alpha (Primary Objective of the Planetfall)

· Space Port Alpha has an armor value of 14 on all sides and 3 Structure Points.

· It is only affected by destroyed results.

· Any side which fully controls the Space Port may deploy 1 unit from reserves to the space port landing pad at the start of their turn.

· The Spaceport is the focal point of the battle as the attackers are attempting to secure a foothold on the planet in order to more easily bring their forces planetside. Imperial forces must maintain control of the Spaceport to ensure that communications with Imperial space remain open and relief forces can land with relative safety.

· The side controlling the spaceport at the end of the game counts as controlling three objectives.

Supreme Commander

· Each side has nominates one Supreme Commander

· Each Supreme Commander has final choice over their team’s Strategic Assets and Stratagems

· They may give these out to field commanders as they see fit

· SCs also have final choice on when and where Reserve units are deployed

· May award citations/promotions or court martials at the end of the battle

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