Monday, June 20, 2011

News: TippCon2011 Results!

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Hello all, Slick here. Results from the inaugural TippCon are in! The event turned out well, especially from the organizer side of things. There were no real issues and the event ran smoothly from start to end. Pics from the event will be up soon! Results can be found here:

Friday, June 17, 2011

News: Forgeworld Newsletter #277

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Hello all, Slick here with the latest newsletter from Forgeworld! Dark Eldar get a sleek new vehicle with the Reaper while marines get some old-school heavy weapons!

"Hi there,
In this week’s newsletter we are excited to announce four great new products: an addition to our Dark Eldar range in the form of the terrifying Reaper, a Space Marine Heavy Weapons set, and two decal sheets for the Eldar and the Astral Claws.

Dark Eldar Reaper
Dark Eldar ReaperAkin to the Ravager, the Reaper is a swift and deadly gunship. Its sleek, dart-like hull is built around a single, monstrously-powerful weapon codified by the Xenosavants of the Adeptus Biologis as a Storm Vortex projector. This cannon operates much like the smaller Haywire blaster, and unleashes a cascading pulse of electromagnetic energy that is far more powerful than anything possible in a hand weapon. The vortex chamber at the Reaper’s heart is a cage for howling energies harvested from the spires of Commorragh itself, which when combined with its speed and manoeuvrability makes the Reaper an elegant but still devastatingly lethal weapon when compared to the brutal armoured warfare practiced by lesser races.

The Dark Eldar Reaper is a complete resin and plastic kit which contains a plastic Dark Eldar Raider kit and a set of detailed resin conversion parts, designed by Stuart Williamson, which allow the reaper variant to be added to any Dark Eldar army.
Experimental rules for this sleek and powerful craft are available now to download from the Forge World website, and the Dark Eldar Reaper is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 27th June.

Space Marine Heavy Weapons Set
Space Marine Heavy Weapon SetThe noble Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes are supplied with weapons and armour by ancient alliance with the Adeptus Mechanicus. Some of the less common patterns of heavy weapons created by these techno-magi date from the hallowed and ancient days of the Great Crusade and the Astartes Legions of old. These shoulder-mounted patterns afford greater protection to the wielder as they allow less of the firer to be exposed to incoming enemy fire as they unleash their destructive salvo.

This Space Marine Heavy Weapons Set, designed by Phil Stutcinskas, contains four resin heavy weapons: a Plasma Cannon, Multi-Melta, Heavy Bolter and a Lascannon, as well as supporting and counter-balancing arms, and backpacks that can be used with the full range of both Citadel and Forge World Space Marine kits.
This detailed resin upgrade set is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 27th June.

New Astral Claws and Eldar Decal Sheets
Astral Claws Transfer SheetOur final releases for this week’s newsletter are two new additions to our range of A4 Decal sheets, designed by Kenton Mills and Paul Rudge.

The Eldar Decal Sheet is packed with over 1,000 individual decals that are suitable for use on both vehicles and infantry. Craftworld, Path and Aspect runes are all included as well as unique runes for the doomed Craftworld of Mymeara and the Corsair bands of the Sky Reavers, Sunblitz Brotherhood and the notorious Void Dragons.
The eagerly-anticipated
Astral Claws Decal Sheet contains over 500 Chapter badges, Tyrant’s Claw symbols, blazons and the Maelstrom Warders heraldry suitable for use on both vehicles and infantry. The sheet also contains Chapter badges for the ill-fated Tiger Claws Chapter and is packed with the Astral Claws ‘true’ lion-headed Chapter device as well as the heraldry of Lugft Huron that became synonymous with the notorious Badab War campaign.

Both of these decal sheets are available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 27th June."

TippCon 2011 Tomorrow

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We'll be at TippCon 2011 tomorrow! This is a new event in mid-Indiana with about 30-35 attending. Look for pics and hopefully some video.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

News: Forgeworld Newsletter #276

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Hello all, Slick here. FW's latest is a small update with the Astral Claws getting the upgrade kit treatment!


This week sees the release of four hotly-anticipated Astral Claws upgrade sets. We’ve also got a few more details about Forge World’s presence at the Warhammer World Badab War Campaign weekend on the 25th - 26th June, further information about Games Day Chicago and a new date for your diary, Games Day Spain in Madrid on the 3rd July.

Astral Claws Upgrade kits
Astral ClawsPrior to the Badab War, the noble Astral Claws were renowned for their duty, loyalty and victories in the name of the Emperor. Their fall from grace under the leadership of Lugft Huron is a cautionary tale to loyal Astartes Chapters of the dangers of hubris and pride amongst their kind.

These vehicle and infantry upgrade sets bear a variety of personalised heraldry, honorific badges and honour markings such as trophies and purity seals, and display the Tyrant’s Claw symbol that became synonymous with the Chapter during its Secession from the wider Imperium.

Designed by Simon Egan, the Astral Claws Rhino Door Set and Land Raider Door Set are compatible with the Space Marine Land Raider and Rhino vehicle kits available from both Games Workshop and Forge World.

Simon has also designed two detailed infantry upgrade sets for this most ill-famed of Chapters: the Astral Claws Shoulder Pads and Terminator Shoulder Pads. These accessories can be used with the full range of plastic and resin Space Marine infantry kits available from both Forge World and Games Workshop. All four of these upgrade sets are available to order now for immediate despatch."

News: Mantic Announces Warpath!

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Hello all, Slick here. Mantic's latest newsletter features an interview on Beasts of War where they announce their foray into a Sci-Fi game with Warpath! If done right this might finally be some competition for GW on the sci-fi front. Time will tell!

Mantic Games Newsletter
Didn't catch Ronnie Live on Beasts of War?
Ronnie and Alessio Cavatore made an appearance on Beasts of War’s Live TURN 8 vidcast with a whole host of goodies and more than one unexpected announcement!

Missed it? Then catch the latest episode of Turn 8 here!

With Ronnie detailing the future of Mantic on the Turn 8 Show, perhaps most excitingly of all the announcements was this one...

Mantic is doing Sci-fi!

Warpath is the new sci-fi game and miniatures range from Mantic Games coming later this year - keep an eye out on the blog and newsletter for future updates, and get your friends to sign-up too because they won't want to miss out!
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