Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Warhammer Fantasy: Challenge Board Escalation League Update

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Results for Month 2

Here are the positions on the challenge board for Month 2:

Tier 3
Rick - Demons of Chaos

Tier 2
Chris - Dogs of War
George - Warriors of Chaos
Carlos - High Elves

Tier 1
Adam - Brettonians
Chris - Lizardmen
Brian - O&G
Brian - Skaven
Brian - Vampire Counts
Brian - Wood Elves

Bonus Points for this month will be awarded to the following players

Monthly Leader

Rick +100pts


Rick +100pts
Chris +100pts
George +100pts

Month 3 starts tomorrow so remember we're going up to 1500pts!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oldschool Minis: Plassenburg Museum Visit Part 17

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Hey all, last set of pics from the museum here and I saved the biggest battle for last. This is apparently one of the if not the biggest historical minis dioramas in the world. It is in fact quite massive easily being something like 20x20. There are literally tens of thousands of minis in this diorama. Unfortunately the lighting wasn't working on the display so the camera flash was the lighting for all of these. Still you can get a good idea of the scope of this diorama. Comments welcome!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Imperial Guard: Hydra Flak Tank

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Hey all, managed to get the Hydra finished. I still need need to go back and finish the camo scheme on the turret but I decided to take a break from that as it was getting a bit tedious. This one was definitely a blast to work on and it's been fun using it in games so far. Who knows, I might have to get two more at some point for some serious anti-air :) Comments welcome!

Oldschool Minis: Plassenburg Museum Visit Part 16

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Hey all, another set of pics from the museum. One more to go after this one. There are a few more huge battle dioramas here, leading up to the biggest one which you'll see in the final post.

Some halberds, remember +1S :)

This was like a 10x12 table

Friday, June 26, 2009

Forgeworld: Newsletter 214

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Hey all, the new FW newsletter is out and there are some more cool things coming out soon:

"Hello There,
This newsletter we have some much-sought after weapons for our Warhound titans, re-enforcements for the treacherous renegades of Vraks, as well as a few announcements to make. We`d also like to thank everybody that came out to see us at Games Day Canada, which was a fantastic show as ever.

ThanksAlan Bligh

Imperial Armour Volume Seven Coming Soon!Our big news is that Imperial Armour Volume Seven, the Siege of Vraks Part 3, the final part of our epic campaign series is now finished and off to the printers! Look out for a Newsletter soon with a full preview and date of release as the story of the climatic conclusion to the Vraks conflict is finally revealed.

Mars Warhound Titan WeaponsNew for the Warhound Titan are two much requested weapons, a Mars Pattern Turbo Laser and a Mars Pattern Inferno Cannon. Designed by Will Hayes, these weapons add Titan-killing firepower to the Warhound and now give the Mars Pattern Warhound all the options found on their Lucius Pattern brethren. Their armoured cowling matches the Mars Pattern’s ancient styling and the weapon arms can be used as right or left arms for the titan.

The Mars Pattern Turbo Laser and Mars Pattern Inferno Cannon are available now for immediate release.

Renegade Heavy Stubber TeamThe Renegade Heavy Stubber Team, designed by Mark Bedford, is a fantastically characterful addition to our Chaos Militia range. The two man team which you can see Here, have been posed in a mobile, aggressive style, well suited to guerrilla warfare and urban combat with their heavy stubber braced above them for firing.

The Renegade Heavy Stubber Team is available now available for immediate release.

Upcoming EventsForge World will be attending Games Day Chicago on the 25th of July. If you would like to place a reservation order for this show, your reservation should reach us by the 29th of June.

Forge World will be attending Games Day Germany on the 16th of August. If you would like to place a reservation order for this show, your reservation should reach us by the 10th of August."

The biggest thing here are the new weapon options for the Mars Pattern Warhounds, you can finally have all the options for this version of the Warhound, and being able to now order titan parts separately, you can really get the titan loadout that you want.

Oldschool Minis: Plassenburg Museum Visit Part 15

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Hey all, here is another set of pics. Getting down to the last few sets from the museum.

A WWI diorama

Another epic battle diorama

Just plain massive

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oldschool Minis: Plassenburg Museum Visit Part 14

Hey all, here is another set of pics from the museum. Plenty of big dioramas here.

Praetorian Guard? :)

About 150 or so cavalry, unit strength = huge :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Game Preserve: Fantasy Grand Tournament 2009 Update

Hey guys, since things are getting pretty busy with the tournament and it's looking to be pretty big, I've decided to go ahead and create a separate blog for it so that the information is more easily accessible, instead of digging through pages of blog posts.

The official tournament site is: http://gamepreserveindygt.blogspot.com/

Check there for all news and information regarding the tournament. Hope to see you there!

Blood Angels: Melta Dreadnaught

Hey all, just a quick update for the Blood Angels here. I managed to get my Assault on Black Reach dread finished over the weekend. Just a quick simple paintjob on this one, no real detailing. I just don't see myself using this loadout very much so he'll be essentially relegated to Apocalypse games. I'll eventually go back and do some touching up and detailing as time permits. Comments welcome!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

News: IG 1.5 Wave tanks available for Preorder!

Hey all, up on GW's UK site are a few new preorders - namely the 1.5 wave IG stuff. You have the new all plastic Hellhound and Leman Russ Demolisher boxes, each of which allows you to make one of 3 variants and contains all the bits necessary for all types of weapon options. The Hellhound kit is certainly looking cool, especially the beefier turret (might come in handy on some Chimera conversions) and the new side panels are looking good too. The LRD is also pretty sweet - the new lower profile and elongated turret looks good. The plasma cannon for the Executioner variant doesn't look quite as good as the FW version and the Punisher cannon is a bit meh. Still, having all 3 in one kit is definitely a plus. What do you guys think?

Definitely nice to see the next wave of IG stuff coming out. Keep in mind the entire IG release is supposed to spread out over 18 months so there is still plenty to come including an artillery box set that supposedly lets you make the Basilisk, Medusa, Bombard, and possibly even the Griffon. That's a lot in one box if it's true! Also, anyone notice what looks like giant fortresses landing in the background art of these boxes? Possibly a future Planetstrike release...

Oldschool Minis: Plassenburg Museum Visit Part 13

Hey all, here is the next set of pics. There is an fairly large Aztec one right below followed by some other historical battle dioramas. Comments welcome!

Knights charging knights - lots of great heraldry!

Oldschool Minis: Plassenburg Museum Visit Part 12

Hey all, another set of pics from the museum. These are all based off the Nibelungen story which Wagner later transposed into his famous Ring cycle of operas. Comments welcome!

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