Sunday, November 4, 2007

Heavy Support - Devastators!

Now that Apocalypse is out its time to bulk up the Blood Angels to a full battle company! First step, finishing up the required 2 10-man devastator squads. I already had 2 plasma cannons, 2 missile launchers, 2 heavy bolters, and 1 multi-melta marine.

The new plastic devastators are actually quite good and suprsingly GW gives you a ton of options. As you can see in the picture theyre nearly all assembled. And I have enough heavy weapons to field multiple devastator squads. I've also added a custom devastator shoulder pad to the sergeant (left shoulder - normally the right one). The lascannon wielders each have the custom Blood Angels shoulder pad on their left shoulders. I'm going to need to get another tactical squad box to fill out each squad with 5 regular marines in order to meet the battle company requirements (yaay more $).

Altogether, I can now field:

4 Lascannons

4 Missile Launchers (1 still needs assembling)

4 Heavy Bolters

4 Plasma Cannons ;)

2 Multi-Meltas

For apocalypse I see my main two squads being 4 lascannon, and 4 plasma cannons squads depending on the battle. Other heavy weapons will get assigned to Tactical squads 1-6 - and with the Blood Angels abitlity to break down 10-man squads into two 5-man combat squads, we have the added flexibility of leaving the heavy weapons back to engage the big targets, while the bolter armed brethren advance to deal with infantry.

6 tactical squads and 2 devastator squads comes to 80 marines, half of which (40 marines) are broken into 8 5-man combat squads which will advance, while the other 8 combat squads remain in the rear firing their heavy weapons, hopefully leaving some gaping holes in enemy lines for the advancing combat squads to mop up!

My next project is assembling a land raider crusader which will carry my terminator assault squad right to the enemy to unleash some CC punishment (just waiting for my Blood Angels doors from Forgeworld)

Questions and comments welcome!


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