Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Terrain: Fantasy Terrain

Here are some pics of the different fantasy terrain I have.

Terrain: Rivers and Ponds

Here are some pics of the various ponds, lakes, and rivers I have

Ruined City Terrain

Here are some shots of ruined city terrain I picked up from Armorcast a few years back. Lots and lots of buildings and ruined buildings. I basically just primed it black and then followed up with a stone texture spray paint - quickest and most effective way to get all of that done.

Terrain: Warhammer 40K Terrain

Here are a couple of shots of some 40k terrain that I have. An Eldar monument - got that from an old White Dwarf. The other is a nice lil sandbag bunker I picked up cheap

Eldar monument

Sandbag bunker

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dogs of War:

Here is my Dogs of War army


Archmagus Zur the Magnificent - there is quite a bit of detail on this mini. Lightning in the crystal atop his staff. Green magic sword. Various patterns and runes on his robes and cloak.

Gotta love the sunlight in the background - gives him an epic feel - All will bow to Zur!


Kapitän Anselmus von Drachenheim mounted on his pegasus - the model is a basic plastic Bretonnian Pegasus Knight although I swapped in an old 5th edition KoR dragon helmet (dont really like the new one that came with the model so much) and I added the dragon shield from the Bretonnian special character. The base includes an Orc casualty from the bits section and I just cut a gobbo shield in half to make it look like von Drachenheim had just speared him through it.
Notice the scenic base :)

Closer view - another greenskin felled by Drachenheim

Side view displaying the dragon shield

Side view displaying the livery. Note the checker pattern and my poor attempt at freehanding a dragon rampant. Note some of the detail on the dead orc too such as the checker pattern on his choppa and the splintered shield lying on the ground.

Closeup of the livery

Livery on the right side. A small checker pattern and my attempt to freehand a tower

Another view of the right side. Note the striping on his lance and the checker pattern as well

Front view - nothing much here, just some small patterns on the little shield on the pegasus

Another left side view - actually managed to get the eye on the pegasus looking semi-decent

Another side view

Magus Abraxus


Leo's Leopard Company

Ricco's Republican Guard

Dwarf Unit

Voland's Venators
This was the first unit I actually painted for my DOW. I always liked the look of these guys although they haven't always done so well in battle :)

Reinforcements arrive for the Venators in the form of some plastic empire knights with the Venator shields added. I put them on 40mm bases to make things a little easier for movement. These guys will be the first casualties in any case. Picture of the entire unit coming soon.

Schmeisser's Streiter (Duellists aka 'Pistol Thugs')


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