Monday, May 5, 2008

Crushing Victories and Humiliating Defeats: Your best wins and worst losses

I've had two perfect games in which I didn't lose any VP -

Game 1 (6th edition) High Elves (me) vs Skaven (friend) - 500pts
First turn all of my archers and a bolt thrower shoot at my buddy's small globadier unit, wiping them out and panicking the rest of his army off the board - priceless! Game time - < 5 minutes

Game 2 (7th edition) Tomb Kings (me) vs Empire (friend) - 2000pts
I get the roll to go first and after moving I aim the skull catapult at his general's unit (wizard lord in a swordmen unit) which he didn't deploy very far from the table edge - I land dead center on the general but it drifts slightly only killing 3 swordsmen but they still face a panic check - my opponent rolls boxcars and off the board they go, running a whopping 11 inches - opponent concedes (although we keep playing just to see if he could pull anything out) - he does manage to kill a few things here and there but I replenish them all with the TK spells - to be fair it was his 1st real game

Worst defeat - my first 2k pt game with DOW - I managed to pull out a draw by turn 6 but this game was rough and taught me a lot of valuable lessons. First turn my lvl2 wiz miscasts and dies. Voland's bounce off of his unit, flee and are caught, marauders fail to wound, flee and are caught too. The bright side of that battle was Leo's which just decimated a swordsmen unit and ate a halberdier unit for breakfast after that.Voland fleeing did allow me a nice enfilading cannon shot on his inner circle knights with a warrior priest leading them - the cannon wiped out the 4 knights and the warrior priest from the grape shot - look on his face was pricelessMy 2 xbow units also took his 25 man greatsword unit with arch lector down to just 4 + the lector by turn 6 mwuhahaha , Lumpin's also demonstrated their usefullness in this first battle by knocking off an archer screen, flank charging his big halberd unit on one side while leo's piled in on the other and killing 4 halberds (go halflings!)

Final VPs were within about 50pts - basically turns 1-3 it was looking like a massacre until I started turning things around - a very hard fought battle - which eventually led to the acquisition of some maneaters and duellists :)


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