Saturday, June 28, 2008

Works in Progress

Basecoated my Land Raider Crusader

Magnetized my entire DOW army!

Finished painting the 2 Story Inn

Finished painting and basing the wall & fence set from GW

Assembled and converted my first Leman Russ to have 3 heavy bolters

Painting my cannon crews - shouldn't take too long :)

Also found all my WW2 Russians - they just need some touching up here and there, and some basing and then they'll be ready to enter service as Imperial Guard

2 10Man Squads --- guardsmen although each has a light machine gun which I might use to represen a heavy bolter
1 8Man Stormtrooper Squad --- stormtroopers
1 Heavy Machine Gun --- heavy bolter team

All in all, a nice little force of 30 minis


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