Friday, November 7, 2008

Forgeworld Newsletter 205


"Hi There,We have three new releases this newsletter for the Space Marines and Orks, while here at Forge World we are stepping into high gear in preparation for Christmas. But before we get to the cool new models, I`d like to say a big thanks to everybody at Games Day Italy for making it such a great show! We had a really fantastic time and it was great to meet many Italian hobbyists for the first time.

Alan Bligh
Christmas OrderingThe holiday season is now fast approaching and if you are buying items as Christmas presents we strongly recommend that your order is placed before the end of this month. This is particularly the case if you are overseas or after a large model such as a Titan, Super Heavy Tank etc, in order to avoid delays and potential disappointment.

If you have any questions regarding our products or their availability please contact us on 01159168177 within the UK, 00441159168177 from Europe or 011441159168177 from the US and Canada.

Space Marine Deathstorm Drop Pods
New for the Space Marines are our Deathstorm Drop Pods. Replacements in our range for the discontinued Deathwind Drop Pods, these hybrid resin and plastic kits convert the Games Workshop Plastic Drop Pod to create one of the heavily armed Deathstorm variants.Designed by Daren Parrwood, these two model kits, one armed with assault cannons and the other with Whirlwind launchers have revised rules which you can find in our new rules update (see below,) making them deadly strike units capable of ripping apart a defensive line in preparation for the Space Marine’s assault.

The Deathstorm Drop Pods are available to pre-order Now for release the week commencing the 24th of November, and each kit comes with a complete plastic drop pod and resin conversion parts.

Rules UpdateAvailable now for download is a pdf rules update for Imperial Armour Volume Two: Space Marines & Forces of the Inquisition. This download revises and brings into line all the vehicles in the book with recent changes in the Space Marine Codex and the fifth addition of Warhammer 40,000, as well as introducing new rules for our Deathstorm Drop Pods.The download is available Here."

Ork Warboss on Bike
Deathstorm Drop Pod [Assault Cannons]
Deathstorm Drop Pod [Whirlwind]

Imperial Armor 2 Rules Update


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