Saturday, December 13, 2008

WIP Imperial Guard

I've finally got a squad of Guardsmen finished (just some small detailing and highlighting left to do + basing of course). My goal with their paint scheme is to actually have them with camoflage - kinda WW2 German style. Of course some things had to be painted the way they are as it is '40k' after all. Thus, obviously the lasguns would look silly if they appeared to have wooden stocks etc. Originally I was going to do all of them in full camo but considering how many minis are going to go into the army... so just the sergeants and officers will have full camo. The 'regulars' will have camo coats and green pants. I'm going with NMM (non-metallic metal) on the guns and ammo boxes, but for things like the flamer and some equpiment pieces I think I'm gonna stick with actual metals. Comments welcome! I'm also planning a few divisions in the army, so there will be a few squads painted in desert schemes (Afrika Korps) and an all gray (Wehrmacht). Stormtroopers (which will hopefully be all-plastic soon!) will get a full camo scheme.

The Sarge - first guardsmen fully paintedI painted his shoulder pads with some isignia - not sure if I'll add it to all the guardsmen - I need to get it smaller and sharper looking - not too happy about how it turned out on the sarge - not sure if red is the color I should use either, perhaps white... ideas welcome

Lineup up of the first squad


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