Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blast from the Past: Hero Quest!

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Hey all, time for something a little different. I managed to dig out my old Hero Quest box for some good old nostalgia. Looking at the old old GW minis in there and the then seemingly 'good' paintjobs I was able to pull off reveal quite a bit of progress compared to my painting level now. Having had these long before I ever discovered Warhammer and concomittantly the 'GW Hobby' (whatever that is), and not knowing much about painting at the time, I just went ahead and painted them with cheap oil-based paints. I didn't know about basecoating, highlighting, drybrushing and various other painting techniques. It's both humbling and refreshing to look at them. So, without rambling much more, the goal for this litle project will be to repaint them all - giving them a much needed facelift. What about you guys? What were the first minis you ever painted? How do they stack up to what you're painting now?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Imperial Guard: Armageddon Basilisk Complete

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Hey all, another update for the Guard. Here is the completed Armageddon Pattern Basilisk. I added a bunch of the different stowage pieces I picked up from FW plus some of the bits from the IG Tank Accessory Sprue. I wanted this thing to look like it's loaded down with gear and out there in the field for a long time. Eventually I'm going to pick up one of the excellent Tamiya weathering kits and add weathering effects to all of my tanks. Comments welcome!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Imperial Guard: Armageddon Basilisk WIP

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Hey all, time for a small Imperial Guard update. I've been putting some time into my Armageddon Basilisk. For the most part it's finished it just need touching up in the cammo scheme. The major thing that I still need to add are a whole host of stowage bits which I ordered alongside my tank kits from FW. Those shouldn't take took long to paint and add to this so look for some finalized pics soon. Comments welcome!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

News: Gamesday Chicago - Chaos Dwarfs Will be Updated!

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That's right folks, for those going to GD Chicago there is plenty to see and hear. Games Workshop have confirmed and hinted at several big developments in the future. The homerun for Warhammer Fantasy is that Chaos Dwarfs will be getting an update, although it looks like the days of the big hats are gone. Expect them to look more like the Hellcannon crewmen. Stay tuned!

How about that for a major announcement? If I ever were to do another Fantasy army it would be Chaos Dwarfs. Let's just hope they won't be sold at Goldsword prices...

News: New Hobby Releases

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Hey all, looks like there will be some new GW Hobby products coming out in the near future.

Citadel Dead Grass
Citadel Burnt Grass
Warhammer Basing Kit (Brass Etched Frame, Resin, and Slate Bitz)

The basing kit sounds like the old Hero Basing Kit and might be the Fantasy equivalent of that. Stay tuned for more as it develops.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blood Angels: Assault Squad 1

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Hey all, time for another Blood Angels update. This time it's an assault squad. These are really just a combat squad of the complete assault squad they usually roll with and are also among the oldest Blood Angels I have. They've seen many a battlefield and have hacked their way through countless enemies. One of my goals for the Blood Angels is to have them all wearing the custom shoulderpads ($$$) and these guys are the first squad I've finished to have them on all members. Look for the other half of their squad soon. Comments welcome!

Dogs of War: Mercenary Artillery

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Hey all, another Dogs of War update. Now that both Mercenary Cannons are complete, it's time to show off the mercenary artillery in all its D3 wounds glory! I may someday get a Hotpot but it's not on my 'to buy' list. I would like to convert up a plastic mercenary cannon just to have something different looking from these two, since they're actually the Galloper Gun cannons pulling double duty!

Dogs of War: Mercenary Cannon 2

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Hey all, a quick Dogs of War update. I had some spare time so I decided to finish up the other Mercenary Cannon. Of course there has to be another powder moneky to help crew it! Comments welcome!

Apocalypse: Lucky 13s Battle #3 Eagle's Nest

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Hey all, here are some pics from this past weekend's Lucky 13s battle, enjoy!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Forgeworld: Newsletter #215

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Hey all, time for another FW newsletter. This time around there isn't too much new stuff. There is the new Ork Halftrakk, as well as Ork and Imperial Valkyrie & Vulture transfer sheets.

FW will also be at Games Day Chicago on July 25th for those thinking about attending that event.

Not too much new stuff in this one although they hint at loads of new stuff to come out in the near future...It's nice to see some transfer sheets for the Valkyrie. Ah well, let's wait and see what else is coming down the pipeline.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Update: What's Next

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Hey all, just a quick update here on what I'm tackling next. As you can see by the pic below I'll be getting into some of the heavy firepower of the Blood Angels soon along with a couple of tactical squads! Other projects in progress include finishing a few Blood Angels for Saturday's big Lucky 13s game, finishing the Rhinox Rider, adding finising touches to the Valkyrie and the flying stand, and a few more Guard tanks! What are you guys working on? Any big projects? Comment away!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Imperial Guard: Valkyrie

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Hey all, time for an Imperial Guard update. I finally managed to get the Valkyrie to near complete status. It's been a blast to paint this thing and I may have to eventually get a few more to make a squadron. This kit is definitely large and fun to build. I didn't glue the wings on as they hold in place just fine (good kit design!) which means transportation becomes a little easier as it takes up a much smaller footprint in my carrying case. What's left to do? Well I have to finish both the chin guns for it. Also it'll need to be highlighted and I want to add several more details like unit and kill markings. Comments welcome!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

War of the Ring: Easterlings Update

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Hey all, time for another WotR update. I picked up Dalamyr Fleet Master of Umbar as my first epic hero. I like his epic posion ability for rerolls and the caltrops to negate enemy charge bonuses. He was pretty fun to paint as well and didn't take all that long. Now I'll have to bulk out my infantry forces quite a bit. Comments welcome!

Warhammer Fantasy Escalation League Update

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Hey all, just a quick update. The Carlos (High Elves) defended his spot from a challenge by the Dwarfs. Tonight the HE are challenging Rick (Daemons of Chaos) for lead of the league. Results will be posted here, stay tuned.

Imperial Guard: Chimera

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Hey all, small update for my Imperial Guard here, this time a Chimera. I swapped out the turret for a FW autocannon turret and added the armored sideskirts (which were a pain to position correctly). It's missing half of its top hatch - hopefully I can track down the other half somewhere. The cammo still needs to be cleaned upa bit in spaces and I'll be adding some more detailing later on such as kill markings etc. Eventually I'll have 3 of these equipped in the same way. Comments welcome!

Monday, July 13, 2009

40k News: Space Wolves Sighted

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Hey all, first pics of new Space Wolves are out and they look great! Hopefully the Codex and other releases match this in quality. What do you guys think? Anyone interested in Space Puppies?

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