Monday, November 22, 2010

News: GW Newsletter - Monster Figure Case etc

Hello all, Slick here. GW is releasing a Monster Figure Case (see below). In my opinion this is really too little too late from GW. It is a hard shell case like their other cases. However, it is only big enough to hold a single Stompa or similar sized figure. Battle Foam is just simply a better solution for transporting your large models. For GW's price you could easily have 2-3 trays of Battle Foam. Let's say you're attending a big Apocalypse game and you want to bring your 5 Stompas. Are you really going to buy a separate (expensive) case for all of them and likely have to take multiple trips from the car to the store just to carry them in?

The Games Workshop Newsletter 12.11.2010
In this issue: Monster models? What you need is...

This week we have been looking at all things big on Big battles, big tables and, best of all, big models. If you happen to have some big models, or are looking to add some to your collection this year, then we also have the perfect new release... the Monster Figure Case.

Monster Figure Case Monster Figure Case

Launching this weekend, the Monster Figure Case is the deepest carry case we have ever made. It is ideal for transporting your largest models, such as Ork Stompas or lots of smaller ones like Space Marine Drop Pods. It's the perfect gift for every hobbyist, so buy this today or even add it to your Gift List.

Apocalypse Week Apocalypse Week

All this week on What's New Today we've been looking at Apocalyptic games of Warhammer 40,000. We spoke to Jervis Johnson, Phil Kelly, the team at Warhammer World, showed some of the biggest armies and we ended by showing an epic 20,000 point battle. Don't miss out on what has been a truly Apocalyptic few days - check out the full week here.

Win a Virtual Gift Voucher Win a Virtual Gift Voucher

To be in with a chance of winning a Virtual Gift Voucher, all you have to do is send your Gift List to your friends and family, and then send it to In January we will pick 12 gift lists at random and send the owner a Virtual Gift Voucher worth £50 /US $90 / Aus $150 (or the equivalent value of a Space Marine Battleforce in your local currency).Click here for full details.

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