Friday, May 27, 2011

News: Warhammer Forge Newsletter #8

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Hello all, Slick here. Warhammer Forge is releasing more Empire goodness with Capt. Van Der Kraal's command group and the massive Chaos Siege Giant.

Hi there,
As the dust settles from Games Day France, this week’s newsletter brings you two more exciting releases for Empire and Chaos players: the notorious Captain Van Der Kraal and the Manann’s Blades Command group, and the brutal Chaos Siege Giant. We also have an update to our Events pages regarding Games Day Chicago 2011.

Captain Van Der Kraal and Manann’s Blades Command Group

Van Der KraalPirate, mercenary, smuggler, gallows thief, Captain Edvard Van Der Kraal has been many things in his life, almost all of them disreputable. He has cheated Morr a great many times over the years, fighting against the dark-mist kindred of the Cursed Marshes and emerging victorious; raiding Norsca with fire and sword; even surviving being shipwrecked on the infamous Vampire Coast of Lustria and returning to tell the tale. Despite his ruthlessness, he is a man of his word which makes him rare indeed and much sought after as a mercenary.

The Manann’s Blades Command, designed by Steve Whitehead, comprises three complete miniatures: Captain Van Der Kraal himself along with a Standard Bearer and Musician, and is available to order now for immediate despatch.
Full rules for this nefarious soldier of fortune and his ruthless followers will feature in the forthcoming Warhammer Forge book Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos.

Chaos Siege Giant

Siege Giant

The Sorcerer-Smiths of the Chaos Dwarfs have long been aware of the battlefield potential of a captured Giant, and have been unable to resist the urge to ‘improve’ on the creature’s natural strengths. The most common result of this is the Siege Giant, a mutilated, half-insane creature made proof against attack by layer upon layer of iron and bronze plates nailed deep into the creature’s flesh and even directly to its massive skeleton. Weapons such as immense hooked blades are spliced directly onto the Giant’s truncated arms to enable it to scale or tear down fortifications and slaughter the largest monsters. The beast is also fitted with scaling hooks and chains, enabling its dead carcass to be used as a scaling platform should it fall.

The Chaos Siege Giant, designed by Keith Robertson, is a complete resin and plastic kit that makes a barbaric centrepiece to any Warriors of Chaos army. It is available to order now for immediate despatch, and experimental rules for this terrifying behemoth are available to download now, taken from the forthcoming Warhammer Forge book Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos.

News: Forgeworld Newsletter #275

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Slick here again with FW's latest newsletter. The MKII and V armor series now get assault squad with the old turbo-fan style backpacks! Excellent!

"Hi there,
This week’s newsletter sees Forge World return to the Badab War with two new full resin Space Marine assault squads. We also have an update from the Warhammer World Events team on their Badab War Campaign Weekend in June.

Space Marine Assault Squad in MkII ‘Crusade’ Armour
Mk II Assault MarinesMkII Armour represented a significant technological step forward from the original Space Marine Thunder Armour. Created by the Adeptus Mechanicus, it was totally enclosed and life sustaining, making it suitable for use in a variety of hostile environments including deep space. The few surviving examples of this pattern are still maintained by some of the oldest Space Marine Chapters and are venerated as sacred relics.

The Space Marine Assault Squad in MkII Armour, designed by Phil Stutcinskas and Will Hayes, contains 5 complete Assault Marines in MkII ‘Crusade’ pattern power armour, armed with Umbra-pattern bolt pistols and chainswords.

Space Marine Assault Squad in MkV ‘Heresy’ Armour
Mk V Assault MarinesThe iconic MkV ‘Heresy’ pattern of Space Marine Power Armour was first created during the dark days of the Great Betrayal. Remarkably durable and easy to produce and maintain, large quantities were supplied to the Space Marine Legions prior to, and during, the Heresy. As the galaxy spanning civil war progressed, new supplies of arms and armour for the Traitor Legions were heavily disrupted, forcing them to scavenge components from their fallen enemies.

The Space Marine Assault Squad in MkV Armour, designed by Phil Stutcinskas and Will Hayes, contains 5 complete Assault Marines in MkV ‘Heresy’ pattern power armour armed with Umbra-pattern bolt pistols and chainswords.

Both of these intricately detailed, multi-part resin models are fully compatible with Forge World and Games Workshop’s existing range of Space Marines and are available to order now for immediate despatch"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Firestorm Armada: Dindrenzi Battleship

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Hello all, Slick here with a painting update, finally. Today I have the first of my Dindrenzi ships to share from Spartan Games' excellent Firestorm Armada. I'm going with a pretty basic but striking color scheme for my Dindrenzi, black with a red front on the hulls. Now to get my cruisers painted! Comments welcome!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

News: Dark Eldar Advance Order

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Hello all, Slick again. Below are some of the new Dark Eldar releases which GW now has available for advance order.

In this issue: New horrors from the Dark City...

New Dark Eldar models available to advance order

News: Mantic - Green Tide

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Hello all, Slick here. The latest from Mantic is all about Orcs! Mantic is doing another one of their excellent army deals for the Orcs!

Mantic Games Newsletter
Warehouse is now open!

"It’s been a busy few weeks, but the warehouse is now officially open - and orders have now begun shipping out. Thank you for your patience, we couldn’t have wished for a smoother move and everything there is looking great.

Speaking of great, Golem got one or two Greatax sprues from the folks at Renedra and, since all next week is going to be Orc Week on the Blog, here's a teaser shot of just one of the great pieces we have in the run up to the Orc Krudger’s Gang, Greatax and the awesome Gakamak’s Green Tide Orc Army Deal being released!
Orc Greatax
Next week we’ll have even more previews, videos, painted miniatures and more, so make sure you check out the Mantic Blog all next week!

The Abyssal Dwarfs are also getting reinforcements in the shape of Abyssal Dwarf Berserkers and the Storm of Steel (which is currently the only way to get the Half-Breeds) are also shipping on the 23rd May!
Abyssal Dwarf Berserkers
If you’ve been looking at the Abyssal Dwarfs thinking, I want a piece of those, then the best way to get an an army is to check out Kharnakh’s Nightmare Legion, which contains over 75 figures, ships post free and contains free printed Kings of War rules."

News: Warhammer Forge #7

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Hello all, Slick here. The latest Warhammer Forge newsletter brings a whole lot of Chaos Dwarf goodness! The Iron Daemon looks vicious!

"Hi there,
This week’s newsletter contains a veritable feast of new releases, so without further ado we bring you the first of our eagerly awaited Chaos Dwarf kits!

Chaos Dwarf Iron Daemon
Chaos Dwarf Iron Daemon

The Chaos Dwarfs possess a mastery of steam technology that would make the Engineers of the Empire baulk in awe. The Chaos Dwarfs fuel these war machines with the resources of their cruel land. Primarily this is a form of coal which is ensorcelled to burn hotter and more constantly than would naturally be possible, but lesser materials such as wood can be pressed into service if needs be, and rumours abound of infernal devices that run on blood, ground bones and screaming souls.

The Iron Daemon is a compact, steam-driven armoured traction engine. Its boilers allow it to haul smaller war machines and munitions to the battlefield, and simultaneously operates pressure-fed cannonades. This means that the Iron Daemon is a powerful war machine, a fully mobile artillery piece capable of smashing down fortifications and hacking apart ranks of soldiers with murderous ease.

The Chaos Dwarf Iron Daemon, designed by Tim Adcock, is a complete resin kit supplied with three detailed crew, sculpted by Thais Mariblanca Lopez. It is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 23rd May.Experimental rules for this deadly war machine, taken from the forthcoming Warhammer Forge book Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos, are available to download now from the Forge World website.

Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard
The Infernal Guard defend the Black Fortress to the death against any who would assail it, and carry out the will of their lord without question. Their ranks are made up of Chaos Dwarfs to which some stain of failure or dishonour has befallen, and in the eyes of the cruel and unforgiving Chaos Dwarf society such a taint can stem from merely possessing blood ties to a failed battle commander, knowing defeat beneath the gaze of a Sorcerer or presiding over slaves who revolt.

Whatever the cause of such dishonour, the Infernal Guard offer the solace of Hashut’s grace in death and anonymity in life. Upon taking the cult’s oath, names and past kinship are shorn away and their faces are sealed beneath hot iron and bronze masks which sear into their flesh. Only if they achieve great glory are the masks removed, exposing the warrior’s scarred face to the world once more.

Drilled mercilessly by their Castellans and barracked in the burning deeps beneath the Black Fortress, only the strongest survive within the ranks of the Infernal Guard and few can withstand them in battle. Fewer yet can hope to break their line so great is their martial skill.
Alan Bligh's Experimental rules for these fell warriors, taken from the forthcoming book Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos, are available to download now from the Forge World website.

Infernal Guard
Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard

The Infernal Guard, sculpted by Edgar Skomorowski, is a detailed resin kit comprising ten Infernal Guard armed with hand weapons and shields. The kit contains ten differently detailed heads, two different styles of body and five individual designs of weapons, each festooned with the brutal detail of the Dawi Zharr. This kit is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 23rd May.

Infernal Guard with Fireglaives
Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard with FireglaivesThe Fireglaive is a compact repeating handgun that also incorporates a single-edged blade that can be wielded much like a halberd. The Fireglaive is a complicated weapon to manufacture, and a difficult one to master, so their use is largely confined to the elite and to the Chaos Dwarf Daemonsmiths that fashion them.

The Infernal Guard with Fireglaives, sculpted by Edgar Skomorowski, is a detailed full resin kit comprising ten Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard armed with these deadly firearms. The kit contains ten individually detailed helmets, two differently detailed and posed bodies and two different Fireglaives, allowing for a great deal of modelling potential. This kit is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 23rd May.

Infernal Guard Command Group
Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard commandCommanded by a Castellan, himself a once-shamed member of the Infernal Guard who has since won glory in battle and earned the right to bear his face to the world again, the Infernal Guard march beneath the cruel iron visage of Hashut, the fell daemon-god of their dark race. The clamour of their iron-shod strides are accompanied by the dolorous pounding of cruel drums.

Sculpted by Edgar Skomorowski, the Infernal Guard Command Group comprises three full resin figures: a Castellan, Standard Bearer and a Musician. The set also contains weapon options for the Castellan which allow the Command Group to be used with both of the Infernal Guard kits released in this newsletter. It is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 23rd May."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

News: New Dark Eldar Talos

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Hello all, Slick here. Pics of the new Talos are up on the GW site. This is a major facelift for the old Talos kit and they're definitely taking it in a new direction. This new one is much more 'organic'. It also makes the Cronos Parasite Engine. Overall it seems like a pretty good kit. We'll have to wait and see what the latest Black Box brings. Your thoughts?

New Talos

Monday, May 9, 2011

News: Forgeworld Newsletter #274

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Hello all, Slick here again. FW's latest release brings some Salamanders Shoulder pads and some more toys for the Eldar in the form of Corsair heavy weapons!

"Hi there,
Our first release this month is the awesome Salamanders Shoulder Pad set, followed closely by the second of our Eldar Corsair Upgrade kits which can now be pre-ordered ahead of its release date. For those of you attending Games Day France, we also have further details on when you’ll need to place your orders by to guarantee that they’ll be ready and waiting for you at the event.

Salamanders Shoulder Pads available now
Salamanders Space Marine Shoulder PadsAn ancient and honoured First Founding Chapter, the Salamanders are renowned for their stoicism, valour, and unyielding defence of the innocent. Being skilled artisans, each Salamander embellishes his wargear himself with ornate displays of individual heraldry, honorific branding and honour markings such as trophies and purity seals.

The Salamanders Shoulder Pads Set, sculpted by Simon Egan, contains ten individual power armour shoulder pads, each bearing the Salamanders Chapter badge alongside other details specific to the Chapter. They are suitable for use with the full range of metal and plastic Games Workshop Space Marine kits as well as Forge World’s resin Space Marine Armour Sets. This upgrade pack is available to order now for immediate release.

Eldar Corsair Heavy Weapons Set available to pre-order
Eldar Corsair Heavy WeaponsOutcasts from the strict confines of the Craftworlds, Eldar Corsairs live in self-imposed exile. Most are young and adventurous Eldar who will eventually return to their homes older, wiser and tempered by warfare. Some, however, embrace the raider’s life completely and fall further still, becoming ever more bloodthirsty and psychotic, indulging their darkest impulses and eventually seeking out the infamous Dark City.

The Eldar Corsair Heavy Weapons Set is designed for use with the plastic Eldar range. Designed by Will Hayes, this complete resin and plastic kit contains detailed weapons, jump packs and heads that enable Eldar players to convert four plastic Eldar Guardians into Corsairs armed with heavy and special weapons, and can be used with both our currently available Corsair Conversion Set and the wider range of plastic Eldar kits available from Games Workshop. It is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 23rd May."

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