Monday, March 10, 2008

Magnetising Bases & Movement Trays

Started on a project to get bases and movement trays magnetised. So far I have a cavalry movement tray and the 10x2 xbow movement tray magnetised. The next step will be to go buy some more metal sheeting and mangets as well. Having seen how much of a convenience it is to take this extra step for an army, I think its well worth investing the time to do it. It will also speed up the game itself since your troops won't be falling over if you accidentally bump the unit and removing casualties will be simple as well.

This is also a good idea for those looking to up their painting scores at tournaments as conversions factor into that score as well, and magnetising an army contributes to the overall look of it.

I would highly recommend that for horde-style armies (eg skaven, orcs/gobbos, vampire counts)

some pics coming soon

trying to get magnets but damn hobby lobby is closed or closing every time i go there , srsly who closes at 8pm on a friday? wtf

Ok, picked up some magnets at HL , $3 for 10, not a bad deal, although theyre a bit on the big side so I'm gonna have to find smaller ones for cavalry bases

anyway , here are some pics of one of my Xbow units fully magnetized :)

Gravity? pfft

Eventually I'll get around to magentizing every unit in the army - its definitely worth it, especially for those difficult to rank up units


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