Sunday, March 23, 2008

Terrain Madness

I picked up the jumbo Wargames Terrain Set from GW and I must say I'm impressed despite the price. Did I mention the price? $120 regular, on sale for $99, -$27 in points - $77 after discountsThe set includes 3 huge tree bases, a sect of ruins, a modular hill which can be arranged in 2 different ways or each used separately, and a large 1-piece gaming hill - all in plastic, oh, the set also includes two tubs of static grass/flock

Yep thats right, all of the terrain needs to be painted/flocked - nothing premade here...

lots and lots of sprues to assemble

note the size of the forest bases - only 3 trees each but theyll still take up a lot of board space which is nice, also bottom center is the base of the ruins - good objective for scenarios

So it turns out I'm out of black primer... was going to basecoat all the terrain last night... so I'll have to pick up a can today - should be able to basecoat everything in one night

Got everything basecoated - took about 1/2 the primer can should be able to assemble it all tonight & pics to followone thing to note - the crappy design of the small pillars for the ruins - half of em fit together perfectly, the others just do not match up, surprising since their plastics have been topnotch lately

Everything has been basecoated, all of the trees have been assembled.

Here is a pic of the large hill - painted and flocked - took about an hour

One of the tree bases fully assembled with one of the trees having the foliage attached (I'll get the other two done soon) - next step is painting & flocking the base, then the painting the trees

All of the trees are based - just need to paint the other 6 trees - going to leave the others without foliage as it breaks off far too easily

Modular Hill

As you can see there are two differnet types of static grass here. I ran out of the darker one (thanks GW for not providing enough to finish the terrain in the box) and ended up buying a lighter color. I tried blending it a little bit as I dont feel like going back and redoing that whole section.

Tree Bases

Finished all 3 tree bases for the forests. These are perhaps the best part of the whole scenery box - great looking forests with removable trees so its not a hassle moving units through them.

Pic of one stand with finished trees inserted. Can't wait to see these all on the tabletop.

Ruined Temple

Base of the temple with skull in center. Works great as its own piece or you can add any number of the other temple pieces.

A closer shot - still need to touch the skull up a little and a lil work on the stone.

Base with monolith inserted. I decided to paint the inside of the monolith dark green - I'll be painting in some runes and symbols later on as opposed to gluing in the provided skulls etc - it will make it look a little more customized I think.

Overhead of the assembled temple. As you can see it takes up quite a bit of space and looks fantastic. A great place for lone characters and skirmishers to hide :)

Side view of the temple

Closeup view of the entrance

Extreme closeup - I think painting some runes on the monolith will look great especially for someone walking in the front entrance.

Another side view

Rear view

Overhead view

Well , that concludes this terrain blog as I've completed the entire GW scenery box now. Overall, I'd rate this kit as 9/10. Everything is excellent here from the forests and hills to the ruined temple. This is a onestop way to have an entire table's worth of terrain in one set. I don't give it a perfect score because it is a really expensive set ($120) although you could easily spend that much on similar terrain. I also didn't like some of the temple pieces as they just wouldn't glue together properly so you will see some gaps here and there in the temple columns. Definitely room for improvement there GW. The other issue is the amount of static grass they provide you with. I did all 3 forests with the scorched grass and there is plenty left (probably not enough to do one of the hills. I used the glade grass (?) to do the regular hill and it got me about half of one piece of the modular hills. They should either provide more of the static grass types that are included or add a 3rd container of static grass.


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