Friday, February 27, 2009

Forgeworld Newsletter 210

Just received this:

"Hello There,
The events season for 2009 is almost upon us, and this Newsletter we have some important information about our Open Day for you and one new release in the shape of a bloated Daemon Prince of Nurgle and his Herald.
ThanksAlan Bligh

Forge World Open Day 2009Forge World will be holding it`s annual Open Day at Warhammer World in Nottingham on Sunday the 5th of April. Admission to this event as usual is free on the door. Always a popular day out, we will have our sales stand with a good selection of our stock and our full studio team will be on hand to show off sneak peeks of what we have in store for the future, and be available to answer (nearly) all of your questions.

We will also be previewing Imperial Armour Volume Seven - The Siege of Vraks Part 3, showing off some previously unseen models for Orks and Chaos and putting on some exciting participation games. It will be also your first chance to get your hands on this year’s new show only model, but as to just what that new model will be, we`ll have to keep you in suspense about for now! There`ll be a painting competition for you to bring your Forge World models to, where a trophy will be awarded to the best in show, and skill and interest, rather than size, will win the day. (More details on this will be available on the website shortly). We`ll also be having our usual charity raffle to win a titan, and this year it`ll be a big one!

If you are planning to attend the Open Day, you can also place a reservation order with us to pick up and pay for at the show, either by giving us a call on 0115 916 8177 or by sending us an email with details of your name and what you are after to Your reservation must reach us by the 27th of March.

Nurgle Daemon Prince and HeraldOur new release for this Newsletter is a Daemon Prince and Daemonic Herald of Nurgle, available to pre-order now for release the week commencing the 23rd of March. Designed by Mark Bedford these two models which are sold together can be viewed in more detail Here.

A 360 degree view of the model can be seen here.

This bloated mound of putrescent flesh represents a particular horror whose history and rules will be presented in our forthcoming Imperial Armour Volume Seven: The Siege of Vraks Part 3, but can also be used to represent your own Daemon princes, Greater Daemons or offer an alternative Great Unclean One, (see Codex Chaos Space Marines and Codex Daemons). The Daemonic Herald of Nurgle, a distorted, slug-like figure with rusted augmetics can also easily be used in a variety of roles such as a Chaos Sorcerer or Nurgle spawn.

Salute 2009Our first event of the New Year Forge World will be attending the Salute games show at the London Excel Centre on Saturday 28th March, where we will have a selection of our models available to buy. You can also place a reservation order to pick up and pay for on the day, either by giving us a ring or sending us an email to before Friday the 13th of March.

Forge World Designers WantedThe Forge World Design Studio is looking for new Model Designers. Both freelance and full time in-house positions are available. Successful candidates will need to have an enthusiasm for and knowledge of the Games Workshop hobby and the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. If you are a Model Designer who can display the skills to produce master models of the highest standard in a commercial environment, we would like you to contact us. But remember, we are looking for the very best of the best.
The successful candidates will be required to either work in Nottingham, UK or be prepared to travel to the Games Workshop Headquarters on a regular basis.

If you feel you have the necessary skills and talent to produce models to the same quality as the model shown on our webstore, send a full CV and good quality photographs of your recent work to: Anne Clarke at Games Workshop, Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham NG7 2WS or e-mail "

Some more love for Nurgle players here and it looks like the newest IA, Siege of Vraks 3 is coming out soon as well.


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