Monday, February 16, 2009

Games Workshop Design Studio Open Day 2009

Follow the link for some awesome previews of forthcoming GW minis!

Upcoming releasing include:

Codex Imperial Guard
Plastic Guard Valkyrie!!!
New Ratlings
New Cadian & Catachan command boxes
Commissar Lord
Fleet Officer
Artillery Officer
Rumors of 21 tank variants in the new guard codex - supposedly recut Leman Russ, Chimera, and Basilisk boxes each with parts to make several variants that use that particular chassis.
New plastic Sentinels with enough parts to make all the variants

Empire players are getting some more plastic in the form of the new Steam Tank. Supposedly new plastic Militia Archers and plastic Greatswords are on their way as well.

Also rumored for release in the summer is an Empire sourcebook which will detail all the famous military units from the various provinces - lots of painting suggestions etc as well.

Also a BIG rumor is the rerelease of Space Hulk later this year! Could HeroQuest follow suit? :)


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