Saturday, August 1, 2009

40K News: New Guard Tanks Ship!

Hey all, some 40k news here. The new Demolisher and Hellhound plastic kits have shipped and stores have had the black boxes for a while now. After seeing both of these tank kits up close and the sprues, I can definitely say they're both great updates to the old metal/plastic hybrids. Each kits also allows you to field 3 different tanks using the same chassis. The only downside is that both kits are $50. While I don't mind that for the Demolisher, it does seem to be a pretty hefty price tag for a Hellhound. $40 would be a better deal for the Hellhounds but what can you do... In either case, I'll definitely be picking up a couple of the Demolisher kits and probably just 1 Hellhound - and try to do the 3-in-1 conversion so I don't have to buy a tank for each version. What do you guys think?

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