Sunday, December 6, 2009

News: Incoming! Battle Missions

Time for another GW newsletter, this time with some very exciting news! GW is set to release another expansion for 40k (seems like 1 every year)! The new one is called Battle Missions, which were actually mentioned about a year ago in a Standard Bearer article in WD (yes I know, WD). Not surprisingly, the expansion is all about adding a variety of missions to the standard 40k set. Also there are apparently 'limited' numbers of Space Hulk still available.

The Games Workshop Newsletter 05.12.2009
In this issue: Incoming! Battle Missions; Stop Press! Space Hulk: very limited numbers available

Incoming! Battle Missions

Coming in March, Battle Missions is a brand-new supplement for Warhammer 40,000 that expands on the basic missions found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Each of the thirty-something scenarios detailed in Battle Missions has been designed to allow you to fight the sort of battles normally the subject of Black Library novels. From daring raids and assassinations, to breakthroughs and last stands, Battle Missions will allow your army to play in a way that reflects its background. No matter what Warhammer 40,000 army you collect this exciting new supplement will open up a whole new gaming experience.

Of course it just wouldn't be the same if there weren't some great new miniatures to fight through these missions with. Fortunately, there will be new sets for Space Marines, Orks and the Imperial Guard released alongside Battle Missions in March.

Battle Missions
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Stop Press! Space Hulk: very limited numbers available

We’ve just unearthed a small number of copies of Space Hulk in our US warehouse. As from now, Space Hulk is on sale at its original price through the US and Canadian webstore. Take advantage of this, your last chance to own a copy of this classic board game - order your copy of Space Hulk now.

Space Hulk
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