Sunday, December 6, 2009

News: Mantic Games Newsletter

Hi all, time for a newsletter from Mantic Games. As you'll remember I previewed them a little while back. They are a startup company featuring some cool advancements and some pretty good looking minis thus far:

Mantic Games Newsletter
...And Something for you?

With the days to Christmas truly flying by, we've put together four brand new deals for the holiday season. These exclusive sets offer Kings of War Elves in new formations making them ideal Christmas presents what ever your budget.

The first bundle is the Elven Battleforce, a package offering every type of Kings of War Elf in the range. Comprising of an Elven Warhost, metal
King's Court and Dragon's breath warmachine, this set gives you the core of your army, warmachines to support it and powerful heroes to lead it. If that's not enough, there's an alternative version of this offer including the Mantic Messenger Bag, giving you the perfect solution to store and transport your army.

In addition there are two Contingent offers, combining the different plastic detachment boxes with the metal sets, offering combat or shooting configurations. The King's Contingent matches the Elven King's Court and their fighting prowess with that of the Shieldwall detachment, giving you ranks of haughty Spearmen and the support of merciless Elven Scouts. The Ranged Attack Contingent on the other hand allows you to fill your stocking with the lethal firepower of the Hail of Arrows detachment and the Dragon's Breath, pairing Elven Bowmen with the devastating array of Elven warmachines.

These new deals supplement the already mighty King's Court Cohort Army Deal and give fantastic value in time for Christmas. For more information on these offers you can check out the store.

Spread the Word

The newsletter discount code is still going strong, free to use it on any of our products until the 31st December. If you have a friend or relative who have expressed an interest in the hobby or Mantic Games, get them involved and signed up to the newsletter on the website, where they too will receive a discount code!

Last Call for Santa's Sleigh

Mantic's final order date to ensure delivery for Christmas is the 16th December for the US and 18th December for UK and Europe. Get your orders in quick because this gives you just under two weeks to get all the Mantic stuff we know you so desperately want!
Click here to visit the shop.

Mantic going 2.0

You can now follow Mantic on Facebook and Twitter, as well as keep up to date on rumours on our blog. Below you will find a link to each of the different sites.

For little snippets of information, the latest news and cheeky updates of what Mantic are up too, you can become a fan of Mantic on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter.

Countdown to Christmas

Mantic are feeling festive and, knowing how much you all like being teased with the Elven artwork, we've put together a nice little treat. Everyday we're opening another door of our Mantic Advent Calender but we're going to leave you guessing as to what's behind them! Check it out here.
Check them out and let's hear what you guys think about them!
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