Saturday, February 20, 2010

News: Mantic Games Newsletter

Hi all, time for another Mantic Newsletter. More undead are on out now! The Ghouls look excellent! There is also a free worldwide shipping offer so check it out:

Mantic Games Newsletter
Fleshing out the ranks

The sprues are in and the boxes are shipping – the Ghouls have been unshackled and unleashed into the world!

Driven by primal bloodlust and unbound fury, these depraved creatures are now part of a 10 man plastic box set. A Ghoul Troop offers all sorts of extra bits for you to play with, and the ball join on the torsos offers extra pose-ability meaning no two Ghouls need ever look the same!

Free Postage – Worldwide!

From today until midnight 28th February, we're offering free postage on everything – to everywhere!

So no matter where you are, or whether you want a pack of incredible new Ghouls, an Elven Spearman Regiment, a limited edition Collectors piece or Mhorgoth’s huge Undead Army now is the time!

To claim worldwide free delivery simply type in FREEDELWW in the discount code section.

Some of our deals and offers contain whole heaps of plastic and metal figures, so if you've been tempted by something already, or thought something was a little out of reach, now is the time to grab it! Click here for the store.

Doing it for yourself

Last week we put new articles by The Army Painter onto the website, showcasing how they've gone about building and painting their Skeleton Regiments.

Now in the webstore is a new bundle designed to paint big Undead hordes. It combines Anti-shine Matt Varnish, Strong Tone Quickshade and, new to the store, Skeleton Bone Colour Primer. We already know from our most recent challenge that Mantic kits are easy and quick to build; now this bundle will let you paint your skeletons quickly and well!
Click here for the store.
Challenge continues!
Last week we raised a challenge – can you beat the boss in speed building a unit of 10 Skeletons?

We'd like to congratulate Jozsef Ottucsak who wins himself a Warhost by setting a time of 11:48. Just as we went to print, his time was beaten by Viv Chandra in a time of 11:33, so he’s won a Warhost too!

Now the question is this... can you beat him?! Click here for the challenge! Whoever has set the new lowest time by Monday March 1st wins a Warhost!

New Releases
The Undead range is ever growing with the following now released:
  • Undead Ghoul Troop
  • Undead Skeleton Troop
  • Undead Skeleton Command
  • Undead Skeleton Regiment
Also, coming this month:
  • Elves Stormwind Cavalry
  • Undead Revenant Regiment
  • Undead Soultaker Detachment
For more information on the latest releases, advance orders and army deals from Mantic, click here.

Media Spotlight
We'd just like to take the time to show our recognition for all those that support us and give their time for the Mantic cause.

The Chamber of Kings is a dedicated fan-forum set up by Maxwell McDougall, and includes discussion on news and rumours, miniatures and project logs. It can be found here.

We hope he enjoys the Skeleton sprues we've sent him in the post as a thank you!

On that note, we really want to fill the gallery with pictures of your Mantic models - please send them in using the contact us form on the site.
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