Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update: Tournament Victory!!!

Hello all, just a quick update here but I am happy to report that I took first place (with my teammate) in our local 40K team tournament this past weekend! I ran 1k points of Blood Angels and my teammate had Imperial Guard. We had two winning draws and then an absolute massacre in game 3 which pushed us to first place, a solid 8 points ahead of everyone else. We tabled our opponents in the third round on turn 4. :)

Memorable moment: Death Company & Chaplain obliterating a 10-man tactical squad on the charge.

I will have to tweak my list for future tourneys as I went assault squad heavy but they did not have too much success. Instead I'll swap some things around to get a bit more firepower into the list to support my teammate more when the scenario favors take and hold style play. I ended up getting another Furioso and a Drop Pod (finally) as part of the winnings. Look for pics of the drop pod soon!
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