Sunday, February 6, 2011

GW News: Blood Angels!

Hello everyone, Slick here again. Blood Angels everywhere! The Stormraven is finally along with the excellent plastic Furioso kit! There is also the Blood Angels Battleforce available. The latest White Dwarf also features some excellent new Blood Angels Apocalypse formations which really convinced me to get the third Stormraven needed for one of the formations. The Stormraven is an excellent kit and I was pleasantly surprised at just how well all of the pieces fit together on this one - very well designed!

In this issue: Blood Angels weekend: new releases, tactics and army lists.

The Sons of Sanguinius go to war...

Reinforcements have been added to the range of Blood Angels: available to buy now are the Stormraven, Furioso Dreadnought and Battleforce. Make sure you check out to see the new models, or you can head down to your local Hobby Centre to join in with the in-store activities.

More Blood Angels on

The entire Blood Angels range The entire Blood Angels range

If you're new to the Blood Angels, or you're a more experienced player looking to expand your host, then take a look at our full range online - just the thing if you're looking for shoulder pads, alternate weapons or tank upgrades.

News and sprues News and sprues

Not only did we show a nifty 360-degree image of the new Stormraven, but we got our hands on the Black Box that gets sent out to stores and gave an overview of the new models. Take a look at this blog post to see the Stormraven in all its glory.

How to destroy your enemies How to destroy your enemies

We talked to some of the guys from the Studio about some of the most effective ways to use the new Stormraven and Furioso Dreadnought in battle, to give you a flavour of their rules and tactics. Visit the blog to get a taster of this new firepower and learn how to crush your enemies in battle.

Sample army lists from the Studio Sample army lists from the Studio

Simon Grant from the Studio wrote the second installment of Blood Angels: Sample Armies. Each list takes a look at a particular strength of the Blood Angels and showcases the tactical flexibility of the Sons of Sanguinius. Take a look for some great ideas on how to build your Blood Angels army.

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