Sunday, February 6, 2011

News: Mantic's Abyssal Dwarfs

Hello all, Slick here. Back again after some vacation time. Mantic has been up to some good stuff and now they are releasing Abyssal (Chaos) Dwarfs. With the dearth of 8th ed Fantasy releases since the rulebook came out. Mantic is releasing these and filling Fantasy's Dark Eldar (Chaos Dwarfs have been ignored for well over a decade now). It is also good that they are getting these out before Warhammer Forge starts putting out their Chaos Dwarfs. The Warhammer Forge ones will easily be more detailed but the fact that Mantic's armies are so affordable you may just want to build up your army solely from Mantic's offerings. In either case, kudos to Mantic for giving fantasy players a long missing army and one-upping GW in the process. What do you guys think?

Mantic Games Newsletter
The Abyssal Gates Open......

Well, they may have gone insane in the process and are now sporting all manner of wild and wacky headgear but the guys from Golem Painting Studio have been splashing the paint around and, hands hurting (ever tried wielding a paintbrush covered in thorns? Darn that dark magic), have produced some fantastic paintjobs for our excellent Abyssal Dwarf miniatures! And what better way to start the show than with the staple unit in any Abyssal Dwarf Army; the Black Souls!
These guys are the mainstay of any Abyssal Dwarf army; more numerous that their Immortal Guard brethren, and better armoured that the Decimators, whose use of the lethal blunderbuss restrict the amount of armour they can carry.

Speaking of Decimators:

Abyssal Dwarf Decimators carry lethal blunderbusses that blast forth huge gouts of fire, creating a wall of flames for enemy troops to battle through before they can even reach the twisted Dwarf that wields it. Abyssal Dwarfs use these weapons to engulf there enemies in flames, searing flesh and armour, laughing maniacally as their enemies scream in pain.

Backing up the Decimators we have the Katsuchan Rocket Launcher:
The Katsuchan Rocket Launcher is a nightmarish machine that fires devastating rockets into the enemy ranks. Hated and feared in equal measure, armies fighting against the Abyssal Dwarfs know they must silence these arcane warmachines as quickly as possible, before their fiery barrages decimate their numbers.

Finally we have the Immortal Guard:
Bitter and twisted warriors slaughtering their way through decades of war and mayhem, these individuals are the elite of the Abyssal Dwarfs, few enemies can stand before these nightmares without meeting a very bloody and gruesome end.

If you would like to see more pictures of any of these menacing units just click here.

The Abyssal Gates are opening, and the wrath of the fallen is decending upon us...................

.............The 25th of February is when the mayhem begins............."
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