Saturday, January 30, 2010

News: Mantic Newsletter

Hey all, time for the latest Mantic Games Newsletter. Looks like the Undead are rising in full force:

Mantic Games Newsletter
It's official: The Skeletons have risen!

The launch of our second range is causing quite a storm, and we've got some great Undead content coming up, with new releases galore for both the Undead and the Elves.
The Undead launch sees an update for the website, including new concept art and photographs. Already new desktop backgrounds and a Book of the Dead background section have gone on to the website, with plenty more coming soon.
As well as this, we've put up a couple of new deals to celebrate the launch of the Skeletons, giving you the opportunity to get the entire Undead range before anyone else, and with a few freebies too!
"Antonia the Dark's Vengeance Guard" is built around the sets released in February and contains one of the new metal heroes that will appear in the new “Death Kings Cabal” boxset, absolutely free. Also in the set are two Omens of Death Detachments and two Ghoul troop boxes. For more details, click here.

With 2 Warhosts and the 'Death Kings Cabal' hero boxset, "Helikaeth's Undead Legion" allows you to bulk out the core of your army, whilst also giving you the figures to lead it. Containing all of the plastic sets in the Undead range, it can be viewed by clicking here.
Finally, the "Mhorgoth's Undead Army" is up for advance order on our website now and contains the entire Undead range. A truly massive set containing 2 warhosts and 10 Revenant Knights, we're also putting in 5 Reapers and all 4 of the heroes from the Death Kings Cabal, absolutely free - that's over 110 figures and the entire Undead release in one set! Click here for more info. There's also an option to grab one with a Messenger Bag too, so make sure you click here for more details.
Check back to mantic blog regularly to see lots of photographs for all upcoming Undead miniatures., We will be posting up lots of concepts and work-in-progress shots, and will be updating regularly on the website and blog as we get the greens back from the sculptors and finished photos from the photographers!
Mantic Points
Keep collecting those Mantic points – our first reward program will be going live in February!
You will be able to send in your points to claim some amazing prizes, including unique specially sculpted models – see the site for more info as we get it!
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