Monday, April 12, 2010

The Black Crusade: The 5th Edition Fall of Chaos

Greetings minions, Son of Horus here. I've played a lot of games with my Chaos Marines since 5th ed. came out and I've begun to notice something, we're way underpowered right now. I think it all started with the release of the new Space Marines codex and it all kinda escalated from there. It seems like GW realizes they made a mistake by making unit A or army B too powerful and they fall into a "we'll fix it by making the next codex equally or more powerful (I'm talking to you, Tryanids). All this does is make those of us still playing with a pre-5th ed. codex irritated.

Am I saying that sweeping changes need to be made? Not really. Is some stuff unfair? Probably, but how does the playing field get leveled? Does another separate Space Marines chapter need their own codex? Definitely not. I've been hearing the rumors that Chaos Marines are getting Legion specific codecies to match those that the Space Marines. As much as I would enjoy getting those things, we don't really need it.

So what's a member of the fallen to do besides play your heart out and hope your dice all rock? Know your enemies weakness. Play to your strengths. Build an army that is good against all armies. If you choose an army to beat then you're gonna lose to the others. What beats IG doesn't beat Nids. You need to have an even mix of combat troops and guns to be able to take care of everyone equally. Lots of Melta's and Plasma's are always a good choice. Keeping your enemy from being able to take saves is a pretty good. Templates will take out all those pesky horde armies. Being able to adapt your game plan at the beginning of the round is the key to victory.

So what do we hope for in the event of a new codex? I would like to be able to play the things that the loyalist sissies can play (especially Drop Pods, love those things). I would also love to see our Dreadnoughts not be bad (I don't really think they're that bad, but that's a whole separate article so maybe next time).

That's my time for today. Join me next time for a finished Defiler and the possibility of a Chaos Space Marine Tactica! And as always, DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR!!
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