Wednesday, April 7, 2010

News: GW Newsletter

Hello, all the latest GW newsletter is out and it looks like there is a Lord of the Rings expansion on the way:

The Games Workshop Newsletter 06.04.2010
In this issue: Battlehosts; Ruins of Osgiliath; New The Lord of the Rings miniatures

Advance Order: Battlehosts & Ruins of Osgiliath

The armies of Middle-earth march to war, the mightiest heroes of the War of the Ring at their head. These fighting formations are known as battlehosts, powerful units comprising groups of legendary warriors and great heroes that are far greater than the sum of their parts.

Battlehosts BattlehostsWar of the Ring: Battlehosts is an 80-page expansion, detailing all that you need to know to add and play with devastating fighting units called battlehosts. It's also packed with new fortunes and fates and loads of great hobby advice.
Ruins of Osgiliath
Ruins of OsgiliathThis all-new The Lord of the Rings terrain set allows you to represent the war-strewn ruins of Osgiliath on your tabletop. By combining the parts from multiple sets you can even model an entire portion of the once great city.
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Advance Order: The Lord of the Rings Citadel Miniatures

To accompany the launch of Battlehosts we're releasing some great new The Lord of the Rings miniatures for you to bolster your collections with. Take a look at them below.

Knights of Dol Amroth Knights of Dol AmrothThe Knights of Dol Amroth are the elite of Gondor's armies. Now available as a plastic kit, which contains dozens of assembly options, add these peerless knights to your collection.
Morgul Knights Morgul KnightsMorgul Knights are the elite of Sauron's armies and even the noblest of beings cannot hope to triumph against their malice. The six riders and mounts in this kit are fully interchangeable, meaning it's easier than ever to assemble a unique formation of these dread riders.
The Dwimmerlaik The DwimmerlaikThe Dwimmerlaik is the final named Ringwraith. Able to sap the fortitude of enemy heroes, use him to undermine your opponent's battle plan.
Duinhir Duinhir The Lord Duinhir and his men are expert shots, and their skill with the deadly longbow rivals even that of the Elves.
Black Root Vale Archers Command Black Root Vale Archers Command This set allows you to add a Banner Bearer and Hornblower to Duinhir's Legendary Formation.
Faramir Captain of Ithilien Faramir Captain of IthilienThis new version of Faramir, in full war regalia, is an ideal choice to lead a formation of Minas Tirith Knights or Knights of Dol Amroth.
Mauhúr MauhúrMauhúr is an instinctive and relentless hunter. Add this infamous Uruk-hai Captain and his infamous Legendary Formation to your Isengard force.
Mauhúr's Marauders Command Mauhúr's Marauders CommandMauhúr's Marauders are tireless hunters, able to cover great distances at speed. This set allows you to add a Banner Bearer and Drummer to this Legendary Formation.
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