Monday, April 19, 2010

News: GW Newsletter - More Blood Angels and Terrain

Hello all, Slick here. Another GW newsletter arrives. This time around it's more Blood Angels releases as well as the release of the Honored Imperium terrain as well as a Scenery Painting Pack. I did pick up Astorath and the Honored Imperium sets and they are well worth it! Look for them in upcoming posts!

The Games Workshop Newsletter 16.04.2010
In this issue: New Warhammer 40,000 miniatures & scenery

Web exclusive miniatures

This month, there are two new additions to the Available to Order range – the Blood Angels Vanguard Veteran Sergeant and the Flesh Tearers Shoulder Pads Bitz pack. These are available exclusively via in-store order points or the Games Workshop web site.

Blood Angels Vanguard Veteran Sergeant Blood Angels Vanguard Veteran SergeantMembers of the Blood Angels 1st Company excel as elite assault troops, deep striking into the most intense parts of the battlefield. They perform acts of extreme heroism, cutting the heart from the enemy army and allowing the Blood Angels to triumph.
Flesh Tearers Shoulder Pads Flesh Tearers Shoulder PadsThese metal shoulder pads are highly detailed and are ideal for denoting your Space Marines as belonging to the Flesh Tearers Chapter.
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New: Blood Angels

Following on from the new Death Company and Sanguinary Guard sets released earlier this month, are two all-new metal characters – Astorath the Grim and Chapter Master Gabriel Seth. Astorath is the perfect character to lead your Death Company into battle (including him in your force allows you to take extra squads of those fearsome Space Marines), while Seth's arrival means you can finally field a Flesh Tearers force in all its glory.

Astorath the Grim Astorath the GrimAstorath is an all-new Blood Angels character. He embodies the dark, cursed nature of the Chapter and makes for a characterful addition to a force resplendent with Death Company and Chaplains.
Chapter Master Gabriel Seth Chapter Master Gabriel SethGabriel Seth is the Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers, a Blood Angels successor Chapter. Armed with the mighty Blood Reaver, Seth has S8 Rending attacks and is a ferocious close combat opponent.
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Warhammer 40,000 Scenery

The Warhammer 40,000 scenery range has been steadily growing over the last few years, but the Space Marine statue included in the new Honoured Imperium set has to be one of the most striking pieces yet.

Honoured Imperium
Honoured ImperiumThe Honoured Imperium is an all-new collection of characterful Warhammer 40,000 scenery that includes a foreboding 6-inch high Space Marine statue, a broken Aquila and a section of ruined building.
Scenery Painting Pack Scenery Painting PackGet your scenery ready for the rigours of war with this set, which contains a huge tub of brown paint, a large brush and a veritable sack of static grass.
The Shrine of the Aquila The Shrine of the AquilaThe Shrine of the Aquila is a mighty piece of terrain that stands over 10 inches tall. Add this regal set to your scenery collection.
Imperial Bastion Imperial BastionBastions are completely modular – add a single Bastion to your defences or combine multiple sets and create your very own planetary fortress!
Urban Barricades and Walls Urban Barricades and WallsThis set is a great way to add some extra cover to your battlefield, and perfectly compliments any other Warhammer 40,000 scenery set.
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