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News: Mantic Newsletter

Hello all, Slick here again. Mantic's latest brings us several new releases for November including some excellent deals on the starter set and starter forces and some new minis as well!

Mantic Games Newsletter

New November Releases - Coming Very Soon!

Continuing the momentum that has been generated by Mhorgoth's Revenge Fantasy Battle-set hitting the shelves, last month sees the release of a two brand new sets for the Dwarfs, and two brand new sets for the Undead.

Standing alongside the Battle-set are our fantastically great valued Army Sets and, with the Undead Army Set already on the shelves and available to order from our website, the Dwarf Army Set containing no fewer than 85 plastic miniatures will begin shipping on the 15th November and is available to pre-order today!

The Dwarf Army Set presents a great way of getting the rules if you know which army it is you want to collect. Containing 40 Ironclad Warriors, 30 Ironwatch, 2 Ironbelcher Cannon/Organ Gun kits and 15 Shieldbreakers, not only does this set contain our newest and yet-to-be-released plastic kit, but it also forms a solid foundation of any Dwarven contingent.

This great army set can be yours for only £45/€55/$75!

The second Dwarf release for this month is the fantastic new Shieldbreakers:

These are a new plastic kit designed to let you build units of Dwarfs with two handed weapons. In game terms these guys are your hammer unit to the Ironclads anvil, able to dish out a lot of damage with their Crushing Strength special rule – they also make a fine unit to paint up as well! The Shieldbreakers are be available in both a 10-man troop and 20-man (with Command) regiment sets.

The Dwarf Shieldbreakers will begin shipping on the 26th November but, if you want to get these fantastic new figures earlier, the Dwarf Army Set is definitely the way to go!

The Liche King is finally up for pre-order! We know has been a long awaited release, and there are now two ways to get your hands on him.
Painted by Chris Straw

As a special offer, only available if you buy off our website, you can pick up the Liche King as an individual model for only £7.50/€10/$13.50. All you have to do is go here!

In addition you can also pick up the Liche King as part of a box-set, which not only includes this fantastic metal sculpt, but also includes 10 plastic Revenants. This set is only £14.95/€20/$24.99. Pre-order yours now!

The second big Undead release is our Skeleton Archers:

Painted by Golem Painting Studio

Again these figures have been eagerly anticipated, well the wait is very nearly over, you can pre-order your own Undead Skeleton Archers here!

For only £14.95/€20/$24.99 you get the contents of a full Undead Skeleton Troop Box-set, which is enough parts to make 10 skeletons in varying poses, plus you get 10 metal coversion parts to create your archer unit.

Both of these sets are advance orders, they will start shipping out from the 26th of November 2010.

Mantic Games: Rankings Competiton - Winners!

For the last 3 months Rankings HQ have been running a competition in the UK Fantasy Rankings where the top generals in the three armies of the Kings of War range (Vampire Counts, Dwarfs and High Elves) will each receive an army deal of their choice. The competition concluded on the 31st of October 2010.

The rules of the competition were that the highest ranked player holding the Best General icons of (Vampire Counts, Dwarfs & High Elves) would get to choose the army deal of their choice between the three options. The 2nd highest ranked player from these three would then choose from the remaining two army deals and the 3rd highest ranked player would receive the remaining army.

The three army deals are amazing value and make for fantastic prizes.

Baldr's Armoured Battalion contains over 140 plastic infantry including Dwarf Ironclads, Dwarf Ironwatch and 4 Ironbelcher Cannon/Organ Kits. Also included in this set are 10 metal Dwarf Berserkers and one Dwarf hero set - the Dwarf High King's Counsel, containing four metal heroes including a Dwarf King, Standard Bearer, Warsmith and a Berserker hero absolutely free of charge!. The battalion retails for just £99/€124.95/$179.99.

Lord Eldrin's Personal Guard is a comprehensive elf army that contains over 120 plastic figures, and the Elf Kings Court - four metal Elf hero figures, absolutely free. Also included are 5 Stormwind Cavalry and 10 Palace Guard, finely detailed metal kits. Once again this battalion retails for £99/€124.95/$179.99.

Malak's Endless Hordes
is a new Undead Army Deal which allows you to field the core of Malak's great Undead army, and includes 40 Skeletons, 40 Revenants, 40 Ghouls, 60 Zombies, 2 Balefire Catapults and the Undead Death King's Cabal. - four Undead hero figures, absolutely free. This is an incredible 190 figures! So you can create that horde you always wanted and yes all these figures cost only £99/€124.95/$179.99!

Congratulations to the three Best General icon holders and therefore the winners of the 2010 Mantic Games Rankings competition. They are in order:

Russ Veal - Best General Vampire Counts (Rank #1)
Anthony Spiers - Best General High Elves (Rank #3)
Steve Davie - Best General Dwarfs (Rank #34)

These players will be contacted shortly to sort out who gets which army battalion, and they are sure to be the envy of many players out there!
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