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News: Mantic Newsletter - Revenant Cavalry

Hello all, Slick here. Mantic's latest newsletter is out and there are some new minis coming for the Undead! Check out the Revenant cavalry below!

Mantic Games Newsletter
Plastic-Resin Revenant Cavalry!

There has been a lot of buzz about our Fantastic Revenant Knight miniatures ever since they were first seen as a metal product. From the beginning there have been rumours, and even a few hints from us here at Mantic, that if the Revenant Knights proved popular we would make them in plastic.

Well the day has finally come, we can officially announce that we are releasing Plastic-Resin Revenant Knights! And for those of you who just can’t wait, you can pre-order them here!

What is Resin-Plastic?

It is a material that sits half way between the normal plastic we use, and resin. We like the amazing detail it gives on the figures. On the site you will get to see a full unit of 10 Revenant Knights painted – and they look fantastic. You glue the models together with regular super glue (not plastic glue), and there isn’t any actual resin in the product – it just looks and feels quite similar. There is much more detail on the blog, and photos on the site.

So, tell us about the price…

We’ll that is really one of the great things – we are able to offer 10 Undead Revenant Knights for the same price as 5 metal ones!! So now you get twice the models (so double the death!) for the same price as before (and we like to think our limited edition metal ones were already considerably cheaper than the market generally - you know who I mean ;)

These models obviously work in the new Kings of War fantasy battle wargame, but they are also seem to be proving to very popular in Undead armies for certain other fantasy wargames!

We are releasing 2 sets, firstly the standard Undead Revenant Cavalry Set, which contains 10 highly detailed plastic/resin figures all for only £25/€30/$45.

The second set on offer is a special web deal, only available from our website. The Undead Revenant Cavalry Horde contains 20 highly detailed plastic/resin figures, and additional metal troop bits to replace the second command set you get, if you feel like fielding a truly massive 20-man Cavalry Horde! You get all of this for only £50/€60/$90. Also as a very special offer, all Undead Revenant Cavalry Hordes will include a FREE Mantic Messenger Bag!

To celebrate we have decided to run a competition over the weekend to offer you guys a chance to win a regiment of Revenant Cavalry. To win please tell us how many different components there are in the new Undead Revenant Cavalry Set (not the number of models or total number of pieces, just the individual sculpts).

(Hint: If you go onto the product page for the new box set here, there are images showing you all the different components.)

All you have to do to enter is fill in our Revenant Cavalry Competition Form to give yourself a chance to win!

All correct answers will be entered into our prize draw on Wednesday the 17th of November 2010, where one lucky entrant will win a completely FREE Undead Revenant Cavalry Set!

Ho Ho Ho - Christmas Comes Early!

As part of the build up to the Christmas period, we here at Mantic have decided to include a FREE pair of Mantic Clippers worth £5/€8/$10 with all orders over £25/€30/$45!

So, place your order in and get yourself a brand new pair of clippers to replace those tatty old ones you've had for ages!!

New November Releases - Coming Very Soon!

Continuing the momentum that has been generated by Mhorgoth's Revenge Fantasy Battle-set hitting the shelves, last month sees the release of a two brand new sets for the Dwarfs, and two brand new sets for the Undead.

For the Dwarves we have:

The Dwarf Army Set containing no fewer than 85 plastic miniatures, which will begin shipping immediately and is available to pre-order today!

The second Dwarf release for this month is the fantastic new Shieldbreakers. These are available in both a 10-man troop and 20-man (with Command) regiment sets.

For the Undead we have:

The Liche King is finally up for pre-order! As a special offer, available off our website, you can pick up the Liche King as an individual model here!

In addition you can also pick up the Liche King as part of a box-set, which not only includes this fantastic metal sculpt, but also includes 10 plastic Revenants. Pre-order yours now!

The second big Undead release is our Skeleton Archers. This set contains enough parts to make 10 skeletons in varying poses, plus you get 10 metal coversion parts to create your archer unit.

Gamescon Leicester 2010

Gamescon is a convention in Leicester being held this weekend on Sunday. Chris Palmer:

Our resident event representative, will be there with a large Mantic Stand. He will be running demo games, showing off some of our display miniatures and generally answering any questions you guys have.

The event is being held at Leicester Race Course, and is set to be a great day. The first floor is full of trade stands, there will be all sorts on display. Then the second floor is going to be dedicated to tournaments. So it really does look like there is something for everyone.

For more details please visit the Gamescon Website.
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