Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dystopian Wars: Dreadnoughts Report

Hello all, Slick here with some updates on Dystopian Wars. We've gotten two games in using dreads - one average size game and a 1200 per person 4 player team battle with 3 dreads per side.

First game - fired two salvos at an FSA battleship, one at rb4 and then rb3. Nearly double-critted it both times on sub par rolls.

Game 2 - His fsa dread sales into rb 2 and manages to cause a damage (thanks shields!). My return fire sees the tesla broadsides cause a fusion leak and I rolled a 6, so a total of 8 dead crew. The primaries opened fire then and cause another fusion leak finishing off the rest of the fsa dread in one turn of action!

My 2nd dread along with a task force of 1 bb and destroyers put 6 damage, 4 crew, and half AD on his other dread.

Both my dreads had dual shield generators which worked fairly well, usually negating 2-3 hits.

Painting up my 3rd dread right now - it will be a bit different - going with dual tesla generators.

All in all, the dreads present a serious weapon in the game and can deal out massive amounts of damage. Dystopian Wars also scales up nicely as you go from fairly small skirmishes to major fleet engagements. Games will take quite a bit longer though so be prepared to have about 4-5 hours set aside for huge games, especially if newer players are present.
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