Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dystopian Wars: Prussian Destroyers and Escorts Review

Hello Slick here again. Destroyers and Escorts are now available for all the factions so let's take a quick look at our two ships. In general I'm a bit disappointed with the ships - both the models and the rules. This isn't to say that I leave these ships out of my fleet. They'll both provide useful assets. My major gripe is that if you look closely on both ships you can clearly see tesla coil weapons on the hull (front on the escort, rear on the destoyer). Why sculpt these onto the model if neither ships includes them as a weapon type? One might argue it's for decoration... well sorry, but they just shouldn't be on there then. The other issue I have with the models, specifically the destroyer, is that it just seems undersized compared to the fsa/britannian ones. While it won't really have an impact in the game it would've been nice to see a slightly large model rather than one that is really just slightly bigger than a frigate. Other than that the details on both are the same high quality as the rest of the range.

On to the rules...

Our escorts are great so no gripes there.

Destroyers... again not bad at all, but having a secondary weapon system would have made our destroyers awesome which is why the tesla coil being on the actual model really is annoying. Pack hunter + rear tesla could have been an interesting and effective option. Raise the points accordingly to match the extra weapon. As it is, I would say the FSA and Brittanian Destroyers are the most impressive of the bunch (model & rules), especially the FSA destroyers. It is going to be tough to deal with the crazy amount of firepower properly positioned FSA destroyers can unleash.

We'll be testing out the new ships this week so look for a battle report! In the meantime, what do you guys think?
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