Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DOW vs Dwarfs 1750pts

My opponent was trying out some new things with his army - he didn't use any war machines at all :blink:
I switched my army around quite drastically, getting it tuned up for 1750pts instead of the usual 2250.
some new units I used that performed spectacularly:
DOW light cav - rear charge on a dwarf warrior unit
Ogre Bulls - front charge on same warrior unit
I did end up losing my cannon , to handgunner fire suprisingly!

Things were looking pretty even through turn 4

The battle on the left flank was quite humours - 9 Volands & 3 maneaters vs 20 warriors led by a runesmith

1st turn Voland's get a charge and kill about 2 warriors losing 1 in return, and they flee through my maneaters , so im down a banner as the dwarfs pursued , next turn the maneaters charge the same dwarfs from about 2 inches away and volands rally, the maneaters inflict about 4 casualties and take 2 wounds in return, break and outrun the dwarfs, fleeing through volands who passed their panic. the dwarfs charge volands again who take a casualty and completely whiff vs the dwarfs, needless to say volands flees through the maneaters again and the dwarfs puruse into the rallied maneaters passing their fear check. This time the warriors whiff and the maneaters inflict a massive 6 casualties, breaking the dwarfs and chasing them down, thus earning some hefty points - killing the dwarf unit + runepriest + their standard + recapturing the Venators standard

on turn 5 they charge a handgunner unit in the side who didnt flee far enough and were caught - a solid performance for the maneaters (this should be helpful for cedden ;) )
the other game deciding combat involved his thane's warrior unit which got drawn into a fail charge vs duellists who simply fled thus exposing the warrior's flank to the leopard company - the dwarf unit was charged by the leopards in the flank, my captasus in the other flank, ogre bulls to the front and light cav in the back

I ended up killing something like 14 dwarfs and he completely whiffed, even with the thane of pain

combat res ended up being 20 - 1 I believe

I only ran a captasus and paymaster for my heros


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