Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Massacred by Demons at 1750

Nothing much to report - just cut down my regular 2250 list vs demons which I knew would not be very effective - the damn ward saves are really a pain to get through - they should be negated by magic like in previous editions. It makes it really difficult for non-top-tier armies to compete depending on what type of army you're facing. 8 power dice and a bound item at that points value is also quite a handful to deal with.

One bright spot was a crossbow unit wiping out furies in combat .... wooo hoo

Two possible solutions:

1 run a super heavy magic list which means picking up either a truthsayer or dark emmisary - lvl 3 and lvl4 magic users respectively (which dont take up a lord slot!) and a lvl2 as support that would provide 7 or 8 power dice and 5 dispel dice - quite a lot but probably not enough vs the demons

2 eschew magic completely and focus on more hard hitting power units and more units overall to get combined charges vs demons

3 bring out asarnil which will possibly be combined with option two for some serious hard hitting


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