Thursday, August 14, 2008

Success vs. Demons

Here are some highlights of the game

He goes first - furies advance on my right flankhe miscasts with a horror unit and wipes out 5 of them reducing their magic lvl
My first turn Volands charges them and wipe them out in combat I decide to overrun off the board as he had a unit of hounds in the vicinity

My turn 2 and then his turn 3 - Volands comes back onto the board and are then flank charged by his hound unit - rather than horribly lose the combat and likely give up the banner , Volands flee off the board - his hounds come up short which gives me shots on them for the rest of the game and eventually I took them down to 1 left - the hounds did end up eating the cannon on that flank later on

Turn 3 My captasus who had flown behind his lines suicide charges a horror unit and slays his wizard - he promplty flees off the board due to not being able to roll insane courage - mission accomplished though

Turn 4 My Maneaters charge his other horror unit and proceed to lay the smack down 9/12 attacks hit and 7 wounds go through - 5 on the horros and 2 on his other wizard who fails miserably Also this turn Leos piks charge his big plaguebearer unit with herald of nurgle - the pikes only manage to kill off 1 plaguebearer due some faulty dice - about 6 pikes die in return - Leos flees and the plaguebearers restrain pursuithis turn 5 - he charges the fleeing pikes who flee a massive 12 inches hahamy turn 5 dwarfs flank charge the plaguebearer unit - kill 1 , lose 1 in return and win pretty hefty on combat res - he rolls an 11 for his test and 5-6 more plaguebearers pop maneaters finish off the rest of the plaguebearer unitpikes rally

The real unsung heroes in this battle were my duellists who were basically all alone on the left flank - they held up a unit of 6 flamers and 6 hounds for 5 whole turns , finally being killed off in turn 5 --- an 81 pt unit holds off over 400pts of the enemy nevertheless his other flamer unit did quite a bit of damage to my xbows , killing 15/20 on one and 5/20

On the other hand Lumpins managed to kill 2 hounds throughout the game - not bad for S3 bows

Demons can be beaten :)


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