Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Starting Dark Elves

So after getting the Dark Elves book and reading it several times I decided to start up an army of them. The new rules & minis just make it too tempting and its nice to have one of the new upper tier armies as it will become increasingly difficult to be viable with DOW since GW keeps jacking up the power levels with each new army released. I'm keeping the Tomb Kings on the sideline until they get their update which will hopefully make them a powerhouse again (not that they're really weak now but...)

I picked up a unit of Cold One Knights for my first purchase and I must say this box is stunning! - 5 guys for $22 which comes out to roughly 200pts in the game - a fantastic deal considering it used to be $45 for 5 of the old ones!

The minis are amazing and such an improvement over previous incarnations! More to come later!


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