Monday, January 5, 2009

Update: WIP Blood Angels

I'm still working away on the Blood Angels albeit at a slower pace while I try to finish up the duellist unit for my DOW. Picked up some Bleached Bone and Gold here so I can work on more of the details found on the marines so these guys will be getting some more attention soon. Once the 5 Termies with Lightning Claws are finished I still have 5 more from Black Reach & the free one from White Dwarf to do. Note to self: don't glue the arms for Black Reach termies so I can swap out the arms for Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields (screwed up on this set so if I get another set of Blach Reach I'll do that --- cheaper than buying a box of termies straight up since I get another tac squad + dread, and I can sell off the Orks etc)


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