Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update: WIP Imperial Guard

Some time since there was an update for the Guard. I've managed to finish one of my lascannon weapon teams. This thing took about as much work as 5 regular guys. There are all kinds of small details to do on these. I'm pretty happy with the way the crew turned out, although they do need some small tweaks still. The gun itself was also pretty good and I'm going to add a few more details in places and clean it up. I'm thinking the basing needs to have more 'scenic' feel to it so I'm going to rummage the bitz box I bit to make them look a little more entrenched before finishing everything up. That leaves two more lascannon teams to do. Eventually I'll have to get a whole lot more to compelte the guard army - that will wait until the new codex comes out in May. By then I want to have all of the current guard stuff painted. Questions and comments always welcome!


Adam said...

Looking pretty good man. I like the new layout.

I almost won with my guard vs Bri's nids. But, to be fair, the map was highly in my favor.

I can only ever get draws or losses against my bro.

Slicksauce on January 29, 2009 at 12:11 PM said...

Well you won that one Empire vs VC game :D

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