Monday, January 5, 2009

Update: WIP Imperial Guard Tank Commander

Here are some WIP pics of my Imperial Guard Tank commander on foot. This guy is commanding my Leman Russ Vanquisher and as such is a tanker ace as shown by his black uniform. Can't quite remember where I got all the bits for him, possibly some extras from the baneblade kits. Because of his pose its hard to get good shots of the detail, but I'll definitely take some pics of the finished product in better lighting conditions. For basing I'm gonna go with somethign from GW's Hero Basing Kit and I'll probably go back and customize him a bit with some bitz (get it?) He definitely needs a sidearm which might require cutting off one of his side pouches - that will require some delicate cutting to not mess up the rest of the paint job. The paint scheme is very much based on German WW2 tank uniforms. The major painting left is to highlight the black uniform a bit with some grey, only enough to accentuate the folds in the uniform without making the model itself 'gray'. Also some highlights and weather on the binoculars. Questions and comments welcome!
Surveying enemy movements!


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