Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Apocalypse: Lucky 13s Battle #4

Hey all, just a couple of pics from the last Lucky 13s game we played. Unfortunately there are only these few pics to share as everyone else forgot their cameras and my camera died after these 3 pics lol. This was perhaps the most fun game out of the four thus far, as there were no Guard armies clogging the battlefield with dozens and dozens of tanks. Play proceeded rather quickly allowing us to get in more turns than the previous games. In the end, it was another resounding victory for the good guys (Blood Angels x2 & Grey Knights), as we destroyed their bastion and made a major feint there. In actuality our plan was to simply hang on to our objectives as we had chosen a vital objecive from the assets. The game swung decidely in our favor after wiping out about 2k pts of Tyranids that had used flank march to deploy behind our bastion. Their shooting didn't do much and so on our following turn about 1k pts of Blood Angels and as many Grey Knights deployed after them, and with some insane rolling, especially my Death Company & Chappy, as well as a full assault squad, we annihilated all of the nids on that side of the board. We were contesting both of their objectives as well until the last turns when they shored up their defenses. End result, a 3-2 victory for us although with two of their players virtually tabled it would've been a complete massacre had we played another turn.

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