Sunday, September 20, 2009

News: Games Workshop Newsletter #60

Hey all, here is the info from the latest GW newsletter:

Issue 60 The Games Workshop Newsletter 18.09.2009
In this issue: Imperial Guard Catachan Characters | Tank Upgrades & Accessories | New Basing Material

Imperial Guard Catachan Characters

This week the armies of the Imperial Guard are bolstered by two of Catachan’s most famous heroes. Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken and Gunnery Sergeant Harker both have their own special rules that lend extra weight to an aggressive, assault-focused Imperial Guard army.

Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ StrakenAugmented by extensive bionics and indifferent to the darkest horrors, Straken is a powerful close combat opponent who confers the Furious Charge special rule to nearby squads. Have Straken lead the charge of your Imperial Guard army. Gunnery Sergeant Harker Gunnery Sergeant HarkerGunnery Sergeant Harker is able to move and fire with his heavy bolter, and has a Ballistic Skill to match a Space Marine. Add this giant Catachan to your Imperial Guard army.
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Tank Upgrades & Accessories

There are five new Bitz Packs this week and each can be used to personalise your Imperial Guard vehicles and squads. With a bit of imagination they even make great objective markers.

Imperial Guard Tank Commanders Imperial Guard Tank Commanders This set of three Tank Commanders can be used with any Imperial Guard tank kit from the Chimera right up to a Baneblade.
Imperial Guard Crew Imperial Guard Crew These two Imperial Guard crew can be added to your Imperial vehicles, and are also great for dioramas. Imperial Aquilas Imperial AquilasThis set of Imperial Aquilas can be used to personalise your Space Marine or Imperial Guard tanks, and your Warhammer 40,000 scenery.
Imperial Guard Tank Stowage Imperial Guard Tank Stowage Add some extra stowage to any tank with this versatile set that can also be used to create objective markers. Imperial Guard Heads Imperial Guard Heads Individualise your Imperial Guard squads with this selection of 10 different metal heads.
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New Basing Material

There’s an old saying amongst miniature painters that ‘good bases make good armies’. Well, with the Warhammer Basing Kit and two new types of basing grass out this week, you’ll have everything you need to create evocative bases for your models.

Warhammer Basing Kit Warhammer Basing KitThe Warhammer Basing Kit is packed with 20mm and 25mm pieces of resin detailing, slate, and brass-etched leaf foliage. Add extra detail to the bases of your miniatures with this all-new set.
Citadel Dead Grass Citadel Dead GrassIdeal for decorating the bases of evil armies, such as Vampire Counts and Warriors of Chaos, Dead Grass can also be used to add sun-bleached areas or barren desert to a Gameboard. Citadel Burnt Grass Citadel Burnt Grass Another new colour of basing material, Burnt Grass can be used on its own or to mark out areas of scorched or blackened ground.
Looks like the Imperial Guard are getting spoiled with some more releases. The tank crew look pretty cool as do the new Catachan special characters. The big new release is the Warhammer Basing Kit. Having bought the previous 40k one, I can say this new Fantasy one is pretty sweet. Our store just got in some copies of it and it is actually worth buying for the sheer amount of basing options you get in there! The new static grasses are also a nice addition. What do you guys think?
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