Monday, September 7, 2009

FW: Newsletter #218

Hey all, another FW newsletter hot on the heels of the last one:

"Hello again,

I`ve some fantastic preview shots for you this newsletter of a major release that will début at Games Day UK; the Chaos Reaver Titan in all its diabolic glory! As well as this great new model, I also have some more details about what Forge World will be up to at UK Games Day as well.

Alan Bligh
Forge World

Chaos Reaver Titan
Ready to make the earth tremble and sow fear in the hearts of the enemies of the dark gods we have our new Chaos Reaver Titan. This monster of a war machine, a corrupted version of the Imperial Reaver Titan should be available in limited numbers at Games Day UK and released to general sale later in the year. This mammoth kit stands approximately 400mm/16 inches high and has been designed by Will Hayes and Simon Egan. The model, as you can see from the pictures Here, has been lavishly detailed with the marks of Chaos and the mechanical corruption both on its external surfaces and internal compartments, which include bladed armour, the Eye of Chaos on its upper carapace, and three damned crew cyberneticaly fused with its twisted structure. Towering over the battlefield, jagged and vicious, the Chaos Reaver Titan will make a fantastic centrepiece for any Chaos army as well as a great modelling project in its own right for the collector, not to mention tipping the Balance in the favour of the Ruinous Powers in your Apocalypse games.

Rules for the Chaos Reaver Titan can be found in Imperial Armour Seven, the Siege of Vraks Part Three.

As with our Imperial Reaver Titan, the Chaos Reaver Titan is available as a separate Main Body and Weapons. The main body also comes with a sprue of large Chaos symbols allowing you to convert any of the Imperial Reaver Titan Weapons to traitor service (as all the Imperial Reaver Weapons will also fit this Chaos version allowing you to customise your model as you wish). We also have two new Chaos weapons for the Titan as well, the brutal and predatory firepower of Chaos Apocalypse Launcher and the wickedly barbed Chaos Reaver Power Claw."

Big news here obviously being the Chaos Reaver finally being released. Looks like they were able to solve whatever detail issues they had back when it was first unveiled as a WIP. Certainly this makes a crowning jewel for any Chaos Space Marine collection.
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