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Hey all, time for another GW Newsletter:

The Games Workshop North American Newsletter October 2009
In this issue: In Hobby Centers This Month | Hobby Center Birthdays | Hobby Center Grand Openings | Independent Retailers | 'Ard Boyz | Tournaments | NAS Careers

Upcoming Events & Activity

Below is a selection of events and activities near you. Go to the Community & Events to find out what other events are happening near you.

In Hobby Centers This Month

See all up and coming events in the North American Games Workshop community in the Events Calendar

In Hobby Centers This Month Planetstrike Mega Battle on Saturday, October 17th. War of The Ring Battles on Saturday, October 27th. Celebrate Halloween with GW on Saturday, October 31st.
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Hobby Center Birthdays

Gather for an Imperial Birthday Celebration for your Hobby Center. The ceremony will include gaming, prizes, and limited items for sale!

Hobby Center Birthdays October Birthdays Throughout the coming months, each Games Workshop Hobby Center and Battle Bunker will be hosting a Birthday Party to celebrate the founding of their location. Each party will feature gaming, prizes and a variety of limited edition items available only at these events such as water bottles, key chains, pens, and posters. ITEMS MAY VARY, so stop by your event to see what's available!
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Hobby Center Grand Openings

Celebrate the founding of your new Hobby Center with a weekend full of gaming and activities. Check September’s White Dwarf for a special coupon to use at these Grand Opening events!

Grand Openings October Grand Openings For the Grand Openings coming up on October 17th, make sure you get your 10% off coupon from the October issue of White Dwarf! This coupon is exclusive to the Grand Opening Hobby Centers on October 17th and 18th ONLY so make sure to get down to those stores that weekend! There are October Grand Openings at Hobby Centers in Illinois and California. Check the website to see which stores are celebrating this month!
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Independent Retailers

Enjoy our new Independent Retailers that carry Games Workshop products and be sure to check out some of the cool events being run near you. To find a store near you, search using the Store Finder on our website.

Independent Retailers Independent Retailers Each month, more stores are added to our every growing list of places where you can find Games Workshop product. Check out these newly added Independent Retailers now carrying Games Workshop product!
October Independent Retailer Events October Independent Retailer Events Enjoy these October Events at an Independent Retailer near you.
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'Ard Boyz

'Ard Boyz Tournaments are a three-part, competitive series of events hosted by Independent Retailers across North America. Unlike the traditional tournament format you may be familiar with, that takes into consideration your painting and sportsmanship, the 'Ard Boyz Tournaments focus on one thing and one thing only: how well you play the game! These tournaments are the place to field that nasty list you felt guilty about playing, or that massive horde army you couldn't hope to paint it in time.

Warhammer ‘Ard Boyz Semi-Finals Warhammer ‘Ard Boyz Semi-Finals Prepare for the Warhammer ‘Ard Boyz Semi-Finals on October 24th. Do you have what it takes? Check the website for the full Warhammer ‘Ard Boyz schedule. Also, two to three weeks before the event, there will be a downloadable rules pack, a list of retailers near you where you can play in the Preliminary or Semifinal events, scenarios, and more.
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Here are some of the upcoming tournaments this year. For a full list of tournaments and events, check out the Events Calendar online.

Alamo Tournament Alamo Tournament Come finish out the 2009 GW Tournament Circuit in sunny South Texas at the ALAMO International Grand Tournament. On the weekend of November 7-8, come to San Antonio for a last taste of summer and a weekend of laid-back Warhammer fun.
Da Grand Waaagh Tournament Da Grand Waaagh Tournament The battle will take place on the U.S.S. Hornet in Alameda, CA, October 2 - 4. The Carrier USS HORNET is a national treasure, having participated in two of the greatest events of the 20th century -- World War II and the Apollo 11 manned space mission. Two fighter planes will block off our gaming tables. Not only are playing on a WW2 aircraft carrier with lots of history, we are supporting a non-profit organization.
Mechanicon Tournament Mechanicon TournamentThe MechaniCon is a three-day convention focusing on bringing a new Warhammer 40,000 Independent Grand Tournament to the North East. We are also teaming up with other local clubs and they have events to offer as well. Come join us for a tournament, play in our many demos, enjoy special events, and help the charity auction. Check the website for full event details.
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NAS Careers

Check our CAREER SITE for details of our current open positions in North America.

Hobby Center Managers & Sales Management Jobs Hobby Center Managers & Sales Management Jobs We are currently looking for enthusiastic people to fill the roles of Sales Management, Hobby Specialists and Store Managers.
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