Thursday, October 8, 2009

Retailer Spotlight: Mantic Games

Hey guys, check this company out:

They are a startup miniatures company who look to be on to something. They don't have an extensive range yet, but what they do have is quite promising. Their minis are in plastic and in my opinion a welcome departure on the often overly ornamented GW style. They're also cheaper and you get more per box than the equivalent GW set.

Perhaps the coolest aspect are what they've done with bases.

[Image: 55.1.368.368.FFFFFF.0.jpeg]

Round bases inside of square bases - really cool and innovative. Take them off the square bases for skirmishers, put them on for ranked units.

From their site:

"At Mantic Games, we are always looking to do things better.

Sometimes that means improving, sometimes cheaper, sometimes just different, but always with quality uppermost in our thoughts.

Here is an example:

We have taken a look at the current carry case solutions, amd he way miniatures are packed for retailing, and tried to come up with a new solution. We think the cardboard box is environmentally a pretty poor idea nowadays, because after you have taken the models out, the box goes in the bin.

The Mantic Storage solution re-uses the packaging as your carry case. Once you have made up the models you use the foam inserts to store your miniatures on the shelf. Then when you come to fight a battle, just take them off the shelf, pop them straight into the Mantic Games Bag (or any other bag you have!) and away you go.

We have a download area which will allow you to personalise your cases, (and also a new cover you can use to smuggle new purchases past the girlfriend/wife and store them on your shelf without fear of discovery!).
Mantic Games has been to set up to make great plastic (along with metal, and resin) fantasy models, dedicated to producing the world's finest miniatures. It has been created to bring together the best sculptors, artists and writers from around the globe to produce fantastic models that are a pleasure to collect, paint and game with. Perhaps for the first time, it will be possible to not just dream of huge armies, but actually be able to afford them.
The first thing that should strike you about Mantic Games miniatures is that they are the only true 28mm fantasy models on the market in plastic. This means that all the models are correctly proportioned and look exactly as they should in real life. This gives the miniatures a realism that you seldom see in fantasy gaming products, making Mantic Games unique in its approach.
For us, great model soldiers are about enjoyment. They are a place where valour and magic live. Painting an army creates a bond with the troops, and seeing a wonderfully painted and modelled force on the gaming table is an awe-inspiring sight.
Mantic believes in providing superb product, customer service and support for a great price.
Mantic models will all have a number of unique points:

Using the best designers, artists, toolmakers and materials to ensure the quality of the product is always first class.

We want armies to be affordable and easy to collect, to make army collecting faster and cheaper, but never compromising on the highest quality. We want all our products to be packed full of goodies for you to enjoy.

Easy To Use:
Our figures will offer endless modelling options for those who want them, but also easy to use, simple clip-together and play features for those keen to get their army on the gaming table.

There will be extras included on all the sprues, such as dead figures, and extra parts to use on bases

The ‘Mantic’ storage solution:
All Mantic models will come in their own innovative re-usable packaging plastic case, which then doubles up as a storage solution and carrying case.
Re-use and personalise your carry case, to display your collection, line up your carry cases on your bookcase for an impressive display of your army."

These guys are definitely worth checking out, especially if they get around to doing any mercenary style minis. Lots of plastic pikes on the cheap? I'll take some. What do you guys think?
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