Sunday, October 18, 2009

News: Incoming! Legion of the Damned

Hey all, another GW Newsletter arrives, this time with some news from GD Italy: New Legion of
the Damned!

Issue 65 The Games Workshop Newsletter 18.10.2009
In this issue: Incoming! Legion of the Damned

Incoming! Legion of the Damned

Today at Games Day Italy we unveiled the all-new metal Legion of The Damned models.

The Legion of The Damned are Spaces Marines in appearance. Their black armour is adorned with chilling images of bone and fire, and an eerie glow suffuses their sable armour and a halo of ghostly fire dances about their feet. Considered by some to be an extension of the Emperor’s superhuman will and by others as the vengeful and immortal spirits of fallen Space Marines, Damned Legionnaires fight with a chill precision few mortal warriors can match.

Out in January, the Legion of The Damned are an Elite Space Marine unit who can always Deep Strike and can even opt to re-roll the deep strike scatter dice. Also, their 3+ saving throw is invulnerable.

Apparently there will be something like 10-15 different LotD models. In either case this one certainly looks cool and it might be fun to try them out in a few games. What do you guys think?

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