Monday, October 26, 2009

News: Games Workshop Newsletter #66

Hey all, time for another GW Newsletter. Looks like the Easterlings are getting some serious reinforcements! It'll be nice to finally have minis to represent Dragon Knights and War Priests and the Knight of Umbar may find a place in my army.

Issue 66 The Games Workshop Newsletter 23.10.2009
In this issue: Legions of The Eye

Out Now: Legions of The Eye

The forces of Mordor and the Fallen Realms religiously carry out the will of Sauron and have been involved in every major conflict in Middle-earth’s history. This month the armies of the Dark Lord are swelled by nine new metal sets, including two all-new Ringwraiths: The Knight of Umbar and The Betrayer.

The Golden King of Harad The Golden King of Harad The Golden King of Harad and his guard are an all-new Legendary formation in War of The Ring who benefit from +1 Fight and +1 Strength when fighting near the King’s treasure horde.
Harad Abrakhân Guard Harad Abrakhân GuardThe Abrakhân Guard are the elite guards of the Golden King of Harad, and they’ll fight with an unmatched fury to secure riches in the name of their King. Harad Command Harad Command Increase the speed and fighting abilities of your Harad infantry formations with this all-new command set.
Black Guard of Barad-Dûr Black Guard of Barad-DûrThe Black Guard of Barad-Dûr are elite Orc shock troops and the ideal warriors to form the vanguard of your War of The Ring army. Black Guard of Barad-Dûr Commanders Black Guard of Barad-Dûr CommandersThe Captains of the Black Guard of Barad-Dûr are stronger than any Uruk-hai and their loyalty to Sauron is such that it renders them almost insensate to fear.
The Betrayer The BetrayerOf all the Nazgûl, the Betrayer’s power is far greater than that of any mortal and his formation must re-roll failed attempts To Hit with shooting and close combat attacks. The Knight of Umbar The Knight of UmbarOnce one of the great Númenórean kings, the Knight of Umbar succumbed to the influence of Sauron and now leads the armies he once stood against.
Easterling Command Easterling CommandAs well as a Banner Bearer, this set contains an Easterling Dragon Knight and an Easterling War Priest. Add their considerable abilities to your War of The Ring force. Kârdush the Firecaller Kârdush the Firecaller Kârdush was schooled in sorcery by the foul Nazgûl and possesses far greater power than other Orc Shamans.
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